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Toyota RAV4 2019 Hybrid - Ready to conquer the SUV segment
Toyota - RAV 4 - RAV 4 V - 2.5 (222 Hp) Hybrid AWD CVT
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2019Toyota was the pioneer in the compact SUV market almost 25 years. In the past, the RAV4 offers reliability and good fuel economy. Toyota stepped up the game with generation five: a sportier feel, much-improved interior, better ride and handling, onboard telematics, and the safety suite.
A self-driving car of the day after-tomorrow – meet the Icona Nucleus
Icona Nucleus GIMS 2018 Icona introduces the next generation of its fully autonomous car - Nucleus. The conception combines futuristic view with hi-tech environment, that form this ultra-luxurious self-driving capsule.
Aspark Owl - the fastest electric super car made in Japan
Aspark - OWL - OWL Prototype - (435 Hp) Electric
Aspark Owl electric super car prototype at 2017 IAAThe 2017 IAA will forever be remembered for the premiere of one extraordinary automobile - Aspark Owl prototype. Created by a team of skilled Japanese envisioneers, the electric super car looks like it's been taken straight out of some futuristic Hollywood blockbuster.
The ground breaking through behind 6 of the most popular myths about hybrid vehicles
Although hybrids are one of the fastest-developing in the entire automotive industry, people still seem to have prejudices and misconceptions about their functions and technology. This leads to creating a massive amount of myths and rumors that need to be broken.
Suzuki Baleno II - the perfect family car for city dwellers
Suzuki - Baleno - Baleno II - 1.0 BOOSTERJET (111 Hp)
Test drive of the 4-th generation of Suzuki BalenoIt's common conception that Suzuki's cars are pretty small and not comfortable for a long distance family rides. Yet, the 2015 Baleno is something quite different.
The optimistic return from the dead of the long-forgotten Borgward
Borgward BX7 during IAA in Frankfurt Automotive industry is famous for its fast-paced development, causing some major ups and downs in the segment - some companies are forced to seize the production while others blossom and expand their vehicle's range.
Why the diesel particulate filter is so important?
car exhaust gases are polluting the environmentCar emissions have become a major problem for our environment. That is why car manufacturers and environmental organizations are in a constant battle for narrowing the damages and eliminating the future ones, caused by the vehicle exhaust gases.
Hybrid cars - the idea behind them, types, advantages and disadvantages
two hybrid electric cars are recharging Hybrids are slowly but steadily taking over the automotive industry and are considered "one step closer" to the fully electric and ecological vehicles.
Engine oil and its importance for the car
an engine covered with oilEngine lubricant (aka oil) is one of the most important fluids in the vehicle's system and plays a crucial role in engine's proper functioning. Keeping a close eye on its quantity, texture and quality is inevitable part of every vehicle's maintenance. As every car owner knows, one well maintained lubrication system guarantees longer and trouble-free engine life.
Turbochargers - how to maintain them properly
how does a turbocharger looksTurbocharger is probably one of the most expensive and delicate assembly component. That's why its regular maintenance can save us tons of money and nerves.
The Ferrari FXX-K: born to race
Ferrari - FXX - FXX-K - 6.3 V12 (1050 Hp) Hybrid DCT
closer look at the FXX-Krear view of the FXX-K FerrariThrough the years the Italian car maker Ferrari managed to secure a top position in the segment of one-of-a-kind luxurious vehicles.Whether it's because of the refined design, or the truly mesmerizing technical capabilities, it's a fact that today Ferrari is a synonym of splendor on four wheels.
Infiniti Q30 - a tale of an unsuccessful attempt for a luxury crossover
Infiniti - Q30 - Q30
Infiniti Q30 или история за една противоречива кола Th one major reason for the astounding success of Infiniti Q30 is probably the fact that is based on Mercedes A-class. For those, who are not closely acquainted with the vehicle line, such thing triggers the desire to own a "little Mercedes" with the badge of Infinity.
Pioneers' war at the Silicon Valley. The battle for the electric autonomous future is getting serious - Part II
Faraday Future debuted their amazing concept carApparently, Tesla wasn't the only one who dreamed about self-driving cars that use an alternative to the mainstream fuel to run. In 2014 Faraday Future entered the highly competitive and extremely risky automotive world. Dubbed as one of Tesla's most serious competitors, Faraday managed to get people's attention.
Pioneers' war at the Silicon Valley. The battle for the electric autonomous future is getting serious - Part I
Green electric car charging signNowadays, automotive industry is one of the fastest-developing niches. It embodies human's technical superiority and creativity to the point where we are witnessing the fast approaching autonomous future of our cars. And it's a bloody battlefield out there.
Car Cabin Air Filters: What are they? What they do? How to change yours?
Car Cabin Air filters Cabin air filters are one of those things that every car owner should check and change every so often. If you are one of those people who only knows to refuel and drive, then you probably need a bit deeper explanation starting with what exactly cabin air filters are.
What is car maintenance and why it must become your routine?
Mechanic is repairing his car in the garageEvery car owner knows how important is to keep up the vehicle in "good shape". A car that has been well taken care of has a small chance of leaving you somewhere on the road soulbroken and with empty pocket. This is why each driver must "preach" and "practice" regularly stable maintenance policy when it comes down to the car.

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