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2020 BMW X1 xDrive28i - an ideal solution for modern families

11 February 2020

BMW X1 2019/2020 екстериор

For 2020, BMW upgraded one of the company’s best-selling and compact SUV vehicles. The elegant X1 xDrive28i comes with a refreshed front and rear bumper, a new interior and a cluster of safety and driver-assistance systems.

X1’s new fascia now comes with a significantly enlarged kidney grille. It is perhaps one of the largest grille fitted in a modern BMW compact SUV. The silhouette of the vehicle is now with more pronounced and sharp-edged lines. Front and rear bumpers sport a brand-new design. What’s specific about the front one, are the massive, deeply set air vents that transfer the incoming airflow directly to the working engine to cool it down.

Brand-new LED head and rear lights, along with LED fog lamps, add a definitive modern touch to the X1.

Fresh is also the design of the wheels, which can vary in terms of shapes and sizes, depending on the trim level that has been chosen. The biggest are 19-inch and are part of the M package.

The car’s muscular nature is enhanced by the symmetrically-positioned at the rear two massive exhaust pipes that also contribute to the purring sound coming out of the engine.

The inside of the X1 xDrive28i 2020 is as exciting as its exterior. The spacious and comfortable cabin has undergone a serious makeover and though the typical German luxuriousness is not present in the X1’s cabin, the materials used for the upholstery are pleasant and easy to maintain.

Once inside, one could not but notice that the main focus is the huge display of the infotainment system. The old 6.6-inch screen is being replaced with a bigger, 8.8-inch — part of the standard equipment of the vehicle.

Новото BMW X1 2019/2020 с по-атлетичен силует

Apart from its impressive size, the infotainment system comes with significantly improved graphics and high resolution. Its simple design contributes to the relatively intuitive and easy navigation and exploitation. An important feature of in-vehicle infotainment is the implemented sat-nav that’s part of the vehicle's trim package.

The new X1 offers its drivers the chance to test its capabilities in various road situations through the three driving modes — ECO, SPORT, and COMFORT. Thanks to the smooth transition between the three modes, the driver and passenger can enjoy a carefree ride. Another important feature of the cabin outlook is the seats. Their sporty look is combined with incredible comfort, back and heap support — qualities that eliminate the usual body discomfort after a long journey. In addition to that, their position can be easily adjusted, following the needs and wishes of the person seated on them.

As a family-oriented car, the X1 2020 must provide its owner with the much-needed storage space. So its no wonder that the stylish BMW X1 offers one of the best in the family car segment trunk and cabin storage space. Carefully placed all around the cabin, the BMW can freely brag about its list of storage compartments. On the side panels of the doors, under the armrest, inside the glovebox and, of course, the trunk — X1 presents its passengers a multitude of choices where to put their belongings.

Cup holders, USBs, optional panoramic sunroof and calming ambient lighting are also among the amenities that come with the German machine. In terms of connectivity, however, X1 2020 offers only Apple CarPlay.

Новото BMW X1 2019/2020 с нов, по-агресивен дизайн на предницата

The classic lines philosophy is continued in the steering design. BMW has it stripped down of a multitude of unnecessary buttons to focus the driver’s attention entirely on the road ahead. That’s probably the reason why the company has implemented a Heads-up display.

And while the silhouette of the vehicles has changed, underneath the front bonnet the things are different. BMW’s 2.0 L 4-cylinder engine gives the X1 the power of 228 hp. It fits perfectly with the 8-speed Steptronic transmission, which works in favor of smooth and fast gear shifting.

Just like any other car, X1 xDrive28i 2020 has its negative and positive sides. Along with the comfortable and pleasant interior, the comfortable seats, the cabin, and boot space, the three drive modes help draw the car’s sporty nature bit by bit.

Maybe the biggest negative of the X1 SUV is the power steering, which can sometimes feel heavy and unresponsive. Also, if the front seats are occupied by a larger than average people, the legroom on the back significantly decreases, making the rear seat ideal for small children.

As for fuel consumption, X1 2020 is one of the leaders in the compact SUV segment. For the thrill-seekers, BMW offers the X1 with a special M package that includes bigger alloy wheels and an outstanding aerodynamic kit for better road performance.