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Electric park breaking by ZF, now available for the micro-cars

16 March 2020

The EPB or Electric Park Breaking acts like a traditional hydraulic brake in normal conditions and as an electric one in case of emergency stop or parking.
Electric Park Brake (EPB) is a calliper with additional motor (calliper's motor) that activates the parking brake system. What is unusual in ZF's EPB system is that it is fully electriniclly operated. The system itself consists of EPB switch, the EPB calliper and the electronic control unit (ECU).


VW Polo - 2017 Sofia Motor Show

The main reason for the development of modern technology is the lack of space in smaller automobiles from a segment and below. Thanks to the innovative technology the microcars will now offer a more spacious interior for its occupants and will provide a better experience. This will be in great usage for the asian so-called kei-cars. Up to the present moment, there was no microcar with such a technology in serial production.

Thanks to the ZF's EPB, the small cars will be equipped with features usually featured by SUV and truck vehicles. Examples are the implemented Hill climb and Auto-hold functions. Very important in daily traffic jams is the new EPB system, combined with the stop-and-go system. Together they ensure comfort and effortless city ride. As an addition to this all, the betterstatic load distribution on the front axle enhances the safety while parking on slippery slopes.

VW Polo - ZF EPB за пръв път електрическа ръчна спирачка

The ZF's electric brake eliminates most of the standard handbrake components, as at the final only minor modifications on front axle callipers are done. All the electronic components and the software of EPB are integrated into the already existing ESP system of the vehicles.

ZF has already provided its latest technology to one of the most popular European automotive manufacturers - Volkswagen. It is not surprising that the electronic brake is already present in some of larger vehicles on the market, as well as in some from the compact segment too. But what is impressive is the implementation of the innovative technology in smaller models like Golf and even Polo.

According to one of the engineers, developed the innovative product, the EPB is one more way for ZF to proof that they can successfully adapt any technology into a good marketing solution corresponding to any market needs and expectations. In this way, the company's specialists can reveal the huge advantages that the innovative system has in comparison with any other car on the market.

Author: Danny Stoyanova