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Pioneers' war at the Silicon Valley. The battle for the electric autonomous future is getting serious - Part II
Faraday Future debuted their amazing concept carApparently, Tesla wasn't the only one who dreamed about self-driving cars that use an alternative to the mainstream fuel to run. In 2014 Faraday Future entered the highly competitive and extremely risky automotive world. Dubbed as one of Tesla's most serious competitors, Faraday managed to get people's attention.
Pioneers' war at the Silicon Valley. The battle for the electric autonomous future is getting serious - Part I
Green electric car charging signNowadays, automotive industry is one of the fastest-developing niches. It embodies human's technical superiority and creativity to the point where we are witnessing the fast approaching autonomous future of our cars. And it's a bloody battlefield out there.
Car Cabin Air Filters: What are they? What they do? How to change yours?
Car Cabin Air filters Cabin air filters are one of those things that every car owner should check and change every so often. If you are one of those people who only knows to refuel and drive, then you probably need a bit deeper explanation starting with what exactly cabin air filters are.
What is car maintenance and why it must become your routine?
Mechanic is repairing his car in the garageEvery car owner knows how important is to keep up the vehicle in "good shape". A car that has been well taken care of has a small chance of leaving you somewhere on the road soulbroken and with empty pocket. This is why each driver must "preach" and "practice" regularly stable maintenance policy when it comes down to the car.
Peugeot debuts the new 308 line
Peugeot - 308 - 308 II (facelift 2017)
The new Peugeot 308 Peugeot has just released their new model - 308. According to the manufacturer this is by far the safest car to enter world car markets.
9 hidden risks of buying a second-hand vehicle
Second Hand Car Market Sometimes, despite our efforts to earn and save, we still cannot afford to buy brand new car. Sad but true. Or maybe, we simply do not want to spend large amount of money on such thing. When such things occur, there is one option - going for a second-hand vehicle.
Range Rover Evoque celebrates its 6th anniversary with a limited edition
Land Rover - Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque Limited EditionLand Rover are celebrating their Evoque's Landmark 6th anniversary by launching a limited edition of it.
Happy 50th birthday to Mazda Cosmo Sport!
Mazda Cosmo anniversaryFifty years ago Mazda released a car that would fuel the technological development of Mazda's entire car line - Cosmo Sport.
Get a glimpse of BMW M4 CS 2017 - sportiest newbie in the BMW family
BMW - M4
BMW M4 CSBMW AG presented newest addition to the fast-car family. BMW M4 CS is an exclusive limited edition sports car. Made with the intention to fill in the existing gap between the M4 Coupe Competition package and M4 GTS. The car would get assembled in Munich's BMW plant.
XE SV Project 8 - Jaguar's most powerful sports car
Jaguar XE SV Project 8Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (or SVO for short) has just released a new concept vehicle and it not only looks fantastic but it's also the most powerful sports car to come out of their engineering department.
The fascinating return of BMW 8 Series coupe
BMW - 8er
BMW 8 Series ConceptIt was 1999 when the last BMW from the 8 Series went out of production. And since then - silence. It would take BMW another 18 years to revive production of those coupes.
Citroën C5 Aircross - Asian debut
Citroen - C5 - C5 Aircross
Citroen C5 Aircross - Asian debuteExactly two years after the reveal of a promising concept during 2015 Shanghai Auto, Citroen proudly debuted its final, ready-for-production version. C5 Aircross made its first official appearance in China during this year's Auto Shanghai event. C5 Aircross could easily be labeled as a breath of fresh air for the French car maker. The compact SUV intendens to capture the mind and heart of its prospect owners, while at the same time is aiming at conquering the SUV segment market in Asia.
Mercedes-Benz at 2017 Auto Shanghai
Mercedes-Benz at 2017 Auto Shanghai Auto Shanghai is one of the most important events in the automobile industry. It opens widely the gates towards one of world's top 3 car markets – China. With population of more than 1.387 billion people and one of the most stable economics in the world it’s no wonder that majority of car producers are giving their best to find their place there. And just like everyone else, from Mercedes-Benz are trying to strengthen their leading positions on the Chinese market. So during this year’s Auto Shanghai show, from the company presented their upgraded S-class, one concept and few upgraded models.
Ride'n'Roll - American heritage in Bulgaria
Ride'n'Roll - American heritage in Bulgaria
On 30 June 2015 at the National Hippodrome Bankya were carried out first-ever gathering of American cars. They gathered hundreds of fans and owners of American vehicles.
Renault fest 2013 - Kaloyanovo

Sofia Motor show 2013