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Specs for all Bugatti models

Choose a Bugatti model from the list below to access all the technical specifications of their respective generations. You can use the navigation by letters and numbers to easily find the model you are looking for.

What is the fuel efficiency of Bugatti vehicles?

Due to their powerful engines and aerodynamic designs, Bugatti hypercars consume a considerable amount of fuel, especially during high-performance driving. As such, they are not designed to be fuel-efficient daily drivers, but rather exclusive and extravagant machines for enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance and luxury. The fuel efficiency is not the primary concern for buyers of Bugatti vehicles, as they are more interested in the unique driving experience and the status that comes with owning one of the most sought-after hypercars in the world.

What types of electrified vehicles does Bugatti offer?

Bugatti had not offered any electrified vehicles in its lineup. The brand is renowned for producing high-performance hypercars with powerful internal combustion engines. However, it's important to note that the automotive industry is continually evolving, and Bugatti may introduce new models or concepts in near future.

How reliable and safe are Bugatti vehicles?

Bugatti vehicles are known for their exceptional reliability and safety. They undergo rigorous testing and employ advanced technology to ensure top-notch performance and occupant protection. However, due to their high-performance nature, responsible driving and proper maintenance are essential for safe operation.

Where are Bugatti vehicles manufactured?

Bugatti vehicles are manufactured in Molsheim, Alsace, France. The Bugatti factory, known as "Atelier" in French, is located at the company's headquarters in Molsheim. This historic facility is where Bugatti's hypercars, including the Veyron and Chiron, are meticulously handcrafted and assembled by a team of skilled artisans and engineers. The Molsheim factory has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century and remains the heart of Bugatti's production and innovation.

What are Bugatti's most famous innovations?

Bugatti's most famous innovations include their quad-turbocharged W16 engine, advanced aerodynamics, carbon fiber construction, record-breaking top speeds, and unmatched luxury and customization options. These innovations have positioned Bugatti as a pioneer in the hypercar industry.

What are Bugatti's most common issues?

Bugatti hypercars are built to exacting standards, and widespread common issues are relatively rare. Any reported issues are promptly addressed through specialized service centers and expert technicians. Regular maintenance and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are essential for optimal performance.

What is the most popular Bugatti model ever made?

The Bugatti Veyron is the most popular and iconic model ever made by Bugatti. Its legacy continues to inspire awe and admiration among automotive enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its status as the epitome of a modern-day automotive masterpiece.

What is Bugatti's vehicle lineup?

Bugatti's vehicle lineup primarily consists of high-performance hypercars. These vehicles are renowned for their exceptional speed, power, and luxury, embodying the pinnacle of automotive engineering and craftsmanship. Bugatti hypercars are designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering to push the boundaries of automotive performance. They are considered among the fastest and most exclusive vehicles in the world, often setting new records and capturing the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. These hypercars are a testament to Bugatti's commitment to pushing the limits of what is technically and aesthetically possible in the automotive industry.

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