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Specs for all Subaru models

Choose a Subaru model from the list below to access all the technical specifications of their respective generations. You can use the navigation by letters and numbers to easily find the model you are looking for.

How fuel-efficient are Subaru vehicles?

Subaru vehicles are known for their fuel efficiency, offering competitive ratings within their respective segments. They utilize advanced technologies and engineering to optimize efficiency. The fuel efficiency can vary depending on the model and drivetrain, but Subaru vehicles generally provide good mileage on both city and highway driving. Additionally, Subaru offers hybrid models for even greater fuel efficiency.

Does Subaru offer electric or hybrid vehicles?

Subaru does offer electric and hybrid vehicles. Subaru has introduced its first all-electric vehicle, called the Subaru Solterra, released in 2022. The Subaru Solterra is an all-electric SUV developed in collaboration with Toyota, featuring Subaru's renowned all-wheel drive system and Toyota's electric vehicle technology. Additionally, Subaru has also offered hybrid models in the past, such as the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, which combines a traditional gasoline engine with an electric motor to enhance fuel efficiency. Subaru's move toward electric and hybrid vehicles aligns with the industry's shift towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation options.

Are Subaru vehicles reliable and safe?

Subaru vehicles are generally known for their reliability and safety. Subaru has a reputation for building sturdy and durable vehicles, and many Subaru models consistently perform well in safety tests. Subaru vehicles often come equipped with advanced safety features and technologies, such as Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, and Subaru's commitment to building vehicles with excellent crash protection. However, it's important to note that reliability and safety can vary among different models and individual vehicles.

Where are Subaru vehicles manufactured?

Subaru vehicles are primarily manufactured in Japan. However, Subaru also has production facilities in other countries, including the United States. Some Subaru models sold in North America are manufactured at Subaru's plant in Indiana, USA.

What are Subaru's most famous innovations?

Subaru is known for its notable innovations, including symmetrical all-wheel drive, boxer engines, EyeSight driver assist technology, a ring-shaped reinforcement frame, and the Subaru Global Platform. These innovations contribute to Subaru's reputation for safety, performance, and unique engineering.

What are the common issues with Subaru vehicles?

While Subaru vehicles are generally known for their reliability, there are a few common issues that some owners have reported. These include head gasket failures, oil consumption problems, and issues with the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) in some models. It's important to note that not all Subaru vehicles experience these problems, and regular maintenance can help prevent or address them.

What is Subaru's most popular model?

Both the Subaru Outback and Subaru Impreza are popular models from Subaru, but they cater to different needs and preferences. The Subaru Outback is a versatile crossover SUV with off-road capabilities, while the Subaru Impreza is a compact car known for its sporty handling and fuel efficiency. The choice depends on customer’s preferences for size and features. For more space, off-road capabilities, and a higher ride height, the Outback may be the better choice. However, if there is a preference for a smaller and more fuel-efficient car with sportier handling, the Impreza could be the ideal option.

What is Subaru's vehicle lineup?

Subaru's vehicle lineup consists of a diverse range of models catering to different preferences and needs. They offer a variety of vehicles including sedans like the Subaru Impreza, Subaru WRX and Legacy, hatchbacks like the Subaru Impreza Hatchback, sports cars like the Subaru BRZ, and SUVs/crossovers like the Subaru Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek. Each model is designed with Subaru's signature features such as symmetrical all-wheel drive, boxer engines, and advanced safety technologies, ensuring a unique driving experience with a blend of performance, versatility, and reliability.

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