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Specs for all Lada models

Choose a Lada model from the list below to access all the technical specifications of their respective generations. You can use the navigation by letters and numbers to easily find the model you are looking for.

Are Lada vehicles fuel-efficient?

Lada vehicles have often been known for their simplicity and durability, but they may not be as fuel-efficient as some more modern car models. Fuel efficiency can vary depending on the specific model, engine type, and technology used in the vehicle.

Are Lada vehicles reliable and safe?

Lada vehicles are known for their durability, especially in challenging conditions. However, opinions on their overall reliability and safety vary. Older models were simpler and robust but might not meet modern safety standards. Newer models have improved safety features and technology, but reliability depends on the specific model and year.

Where are Lada vehicles manufactured?

Lada vehicles are primarily manufactured in Russia. The main production facility is the AvtoVAZ factory located in Tolyatti, Russia. This facility has been the heart of Lada's production for decades and is responsible for assembling a wide range of Lada models, both for domestic and international markets.

What are Lada's most famous innovations?

Lada is not renowned for ground-breaking inventions. Lada automobiles, on the other hand, have often been acknowledged for their simplicity, affordability, and utility. They are intended to suit the fundamental transportation demands of a broad spectrum of customers, and they often use tried-and-true mechanical systems. While Lada cars aren't synonymous with cutting-edge technical breakthroughs, their persistent appeal in particular countries underlines the brand's ability to deliver dependable and accessible transportation alternatives.

What are the common issues with Lada vehicles?

Lada vehicles have been known to experience several common issues that owners should be aware of. These include rust problems, particularly in regions with harsh weather conditions, due to the use of older manufacturing techniques and materials. Electrical problems can arise, affecting lights, power windows, and other components. Cooling system problems, such as overheating and leaks, have also been reported, which could lead to engine damage. Some Lada models might exhibit suspension and handling issues, resulting in a less comfortable ride. Oil leaks from engine seals and gaskets are another potential problem, leading to oil loss and engine damage. Additionally, older Lada models may show signs of interior wear and tear, affecting upholstery and trim. It's important to remember that the severity of these issues can vary based on factors like driving habits, maintenance, and the specific model and year of the vehicle.

What is Lada's most popular model?

Lada's most popular and iconic model is the Lada 4x4, also known as the Lada Niva. It has gained a strong reputation for its ruggedness, off-road capabilities, and affordability. The Lada Niva has been in production for decades and has garnered a loyal fan base due to its durability and suitability for various terrains and driving conditions.

What is Lada's vehicle lineup?

Lada offers a diverse vehicle lineup that includes different types of cars to suit various needs. These include sedans like the Lada Vesta and Lada Priora, providing comfortable commuting options. Hatchbacks like the Lada Vesta and Lada Kalina offer compact versatility. The Lada XRAY falls into the crossover/SUV category, blending urban driving with SUV capabilities. The iconic Lada Niva (Lada 4x4) is designed for rugged off-road adventures. For those requiring more space, the Lada Largus offers minivan/wagon options. This range caters to a wide array of preferences, from practical city driving to off-road exploration and family transportation.

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