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Specs for all Lancia models

Choose a Lancia model from the list below to access all the technical specifications of their respective generations. You can use the navigation by letters and numbers to easily find the model you are looking for.

Are Lancia vehicles fuel-efficient?

Lancia vehicles are not widely known for their exceptional fuel efficiency, as the brand prioritizes luxury and performance over maximizing fuel economy. However, fuel efficiency can vary depending on the model and driving conditions.

Does Lancia offer electric or hybrid vehicles?

Lancia has not been actively producing or offering electric or hybrid vehicles in their lineup. According to its 10-year strategy plan, Lancia has declared that as of 2024, it would begin selling three new electric vehicle (EV) models before being completely electric by 2028.

Are Lancia vehicles reliable and safe?

Lancia vehicles are generally considered reliable and safe. They have a history of well-built cars with comfort and safety features, implemented to enhance occupant protection. However, reliability and safety can vary by model and model year. Regular maintenance by qualified technicians contributes to long-term reliability and safety.

Where are Lancia vehicles manufactured?

Lancia vehicles have been manufactured in Italy. Lancia is an Italian automaker, and their production facilities have historically been based in various locations across Italy with brand's headquarters in Turin, which has been a significant automotive hub in the country. The manufacturing locations and production arrangements can change over time due to market conditions and company decisions.

What are Lancia's most famous innovations?

Lancia's most famous innovations include pioneering the production V6 engine, introducing independent suspension, and utilizing self-supporting body structures. Additionally, Lancia's dominance in rallying with the Stratos and Delta Integrale and their incorporation of advanced safety features are noteworthy contributions to the automotive industry.

What are the common issues with Lancia vehicles?

Lancia vehicles have generally been regarded as reliable and well-built. However, like any vehicles, they may experience certain common issues over time. Some of the potential common issues reported by Lancia owners or automotive experts may include electrical problems, suspension and steering concerns, engine performance issues, transmission problems, and rust in older models. Regular maintenance can help prevent or address these issues.

What is Lancia's most popular model?

Lancia's most popular model historically has been the Lancia Ypsilon. The Ypsilon is a stylish and compact hatchback known for its elegant design, premium features, and Italian craftsmanship. It has been well-received by urban drivers seeking a blend of sophistication and practicality. Also the Lancia Delta HF Integrale is an iconic high-performance car known for its rallying success and enthusiast appeal. It featured a powerful turbocharged engine, all-wheel-drive system, and timeless design. Although production has ceased, it remains a sought-after classic car with a dedicated fanbase.

What is Lancia's vehicle lineup?

Lancia, an Italian automaker with a rich automotive history, has been renowned for producing premium vehicles that embody Italian elegance and craftsmanship. The lineup includes the Ypsilon, a compact hatchback, and the Voyager, a spacious and versatile minivan. These vehicles exemplify Lancia's focus on elegance and practicality for different market segments.

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