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Specs for all Lamborghini models

Choose a Lamborghini model from the list below to access all the technical specifications of their respective generations. You can use the navigation by letters and numbers to easily find the model you are looking for.

Are Lamborghini vehicles fuel-efficient?

Lamborghini vehicles are not known for their fuel efficiency. Their focus is on delivering exceptional performance rather than maximizing fuel economy. If fuel efficiency is a top priority, other vehicle options may be more suitable.

Does Lamborghini offer electric or hybrid vehicles?

Lamborghini introduced its first car with a partly electric powertrain to commemorate its 60th anniversary. Revuelto is merging a new 12-cylinder engine with hybrid technology to achieve the ideal mix between giving the feeling that the customers need and the need to cut emissions.

How reliable are Lamborghini vehicles?

Lamborghini vehicles are designed for exhilarating performance, but their reliability can depend on factors such as maintenance, driving style, and environmental conditions. Regular maintenance and adherence to service intervals are important for optimal reliability. While Lamborghini cars require specialized care, proper maintenance and responsible ownership can ensure a satisfying ownership experience.

Where are Lamborghini vehicles manufactured?

Lamborghini vehicles are primarily manufactured at the company's main production facility located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. The factory, known as the Lamborghini Headquarters and Production Site, is situated in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. This facility serves as the heart of Lamborghini's manufacturing operations, where skilled craftsmen and advanced production techniques come together to bring Lamborghini cars to life. From the assembly line to the meticulous craftsmanship of interiors and finishing touches, Sant'Agata Bolognese is where the essence of Lamborghini is shaped.

What are Lamborghini's most famous innovations?

Lamborghini's most famous innovations include their powerful V12 engines, extensive use of carbon fiber technology for lightweight construction, advanced all-wheel drive systems, active aerodynamics for improved performance and stability, and the Ad Personam customization program. These innovations have set benchmarks in the industry and contributed to Lamborghini's reputation as a leader in high-performance sports cars.

What are Lamborghini's most common issues?

While Lamborghini vehicles are known for their exceptional engineering, there are a few common issues that owners have reported. These include clutch wear, occasional electrical system glitches, suspension and handling characteristics, and cooling system challenges. However, it's important to note that these issues are relatively rare, and regular maintenance and care can help mitigate potential problems.

What is Lamborghini's most popular model?

Lamborghini's most popular model historically has been the Lamborghini Huracán. It offers a blend of performance, design, and usability that appeals to a wide range of enthusiasts. However, Lamborghini's entire lineup, including the Aventador and Urus, contributes to the brand's popularity.

What is Lamborghini's vehicle lineup?

Lamborghini's vehicle lineup includes supercars like the Huracán and Aventador, a luxury SUV called the Urus, limited edition models, and concept cars that showcase the brand's future vision. Each vehicle type embodies Lamborghini's commitment to high-performance, luxury, and striking design.

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