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Specs for all Suzuki models

Choose a Suzuki model from the list below to access all the technical specifications of their respective generations. You can use the navigation by letters and numbers to easily find the model you are looking for.

How fuel-efficient are Suzuki vehicles?

Suzuki cars are well-known for their high level of fuel efficiency, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to optimize mileage while lowering fuel expenses. Suzuki does this by utilizing sophisticated engine technology, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic designs. Their model selection comprises a variety of compact and subcompact vehicles that are particularly designed to achieve exceptional fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance or driving fun. Suzuki has also launched hybrid vehicles, which combine the efficiency of an electric motor with the power of a gasoline engine, improving fuel efficiency and lowering pollution.

Does Suzuki offer electric or hybrid vehicles?

Suzuki's portfolio includes hybrid automobiles. They've produced hybrid and mild hybrid versions of several of their best-selling vehicles, including mild hybrids like Suzuki Swift Mild Hybrid, Suzuku Vitara Brezza Mild Hybrid, Suzuki Xbee Mild Hybrid and Suzuki Hustler Mild Hybrid, and hybrids like the Suzuki Swace, Suzuki S-Cross, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Suzuki Across, Suzuki Ignis and Suzuki Solio Hybrid. These cars combine fuel-efficient gasoline engines with electric motors to enhance fuel economy and lower pollution. Suzuki is actively extending its electrified car lineup in response to rising demand for ecologically friendly mobility solutions.

Are Suzuki vehicles reliable and safe?

The company is known for making automobiles that are long-lasting and require little maintenance. Suzuki cars are equipped with numerous safety measures and are rigorously tested to fulfill safety requirements. It's crucial to remember, however, that the safety and dependability of a certain Suzuki model might vary, so it's best to read specific evaluations and ratings for the desired model.

Where are Suziki vehicles manufactured?

Suzuki automobiles are built in a variety of sites across the world. Suzuki has manufacturing plants in Japan, India, Thailand, Hungary, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and China, among others. The corporation has a global presence and its production sites create vehicles, motorbikes, and outboard motors.

What are Suzuki's most famous innovations?

Suzuki is well-known for its innovations in areas such as the AllGrip 4WD system for improved traction, Boosterjet engine technology for improved performance and fuel efficiency, hybrid powertrain systems for environmentally friendly driving, Dualjet engine for improved fuel economy, and advanced safety features to ensure occupant protection. Suzuki has continually prioritized the development of novel technology to improve the performance, efficiency, and safety of its cars, in order to meet the changing demands of modern drivers.

What are the common issues with Suzuki vehicles?

Engine misfires, oil and coolant leaks, gearbox problems, electrical malfunctions, rust and corrosion, and suspension and steering issues tend to be common problems with Suzuki cars. Regular maintenance, including inspections and prompt repairs, may help avoid or address these frequent concerns, ensuring the vehicle's lifetime and dependability.

What is Suzuki's most popular model?

Suzuki's most popular model varies by location, although the Suzuki Swift is one of the company's best-selling models worldwide. It is a sleek hatchback recognized for its fuel economy and nimble performance.

What is Suzuki's vehicle lineup?

Suzuki has a wide selection of cars available, including capable off-road models like Jimny, practival SUVs like Vitara and S-Cross, and small hatchbacks like Swift, and a variety of motorbikes. Overall, Suzuki's vehicle portfolio combines dependability, affordability, and performance in their cars to offer a variety of alternatives for different lives and interests.

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