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The ground breaking through behind 6 of the most popular myths about hybrid vehicles

24 August 2018

Under the hood of the hybrid Toyota - engine view

People have always looked at the unconventional vehicles with doubt and even rejection. It happened to Karl Benz's automobile in 1885 and is still happening today - people still find it hard to trust hybrids (although they have proven to be more ecological and easier to maintain, compared to the regular vehicles).

The past decade will stay in the history as a period of sudden rise and development of hybrid technologies in the automotive industry. However, people still trust myths and false facts about this type of vehicles. So let's break the web of misconceptions by refuting the most "famous" lies:

1. Hybrid cars are not as powerful as conventional ones. 

That's not true. Probably one of the most solid proof of this being a lie is the 2018 Lexus GS 450h hybrid. It's not only luxurious but quite powerful - with a total of 338 hp. 

2. The second most common misconception is that hybrid's batteries' life is too short.

On the contrary, most batteries come with a 10 years warranty (or about 155,000 miles).

3. Next is the unjustified fear of sudden electric shock or spontaneous combustion because of the electric motor.

Automotive researchers and engineers say that hybrids' electric system is one of the safest ever produced. The chances of fire are just the same as with any other conventional vehicle. 

4. The next common misunderstanding is that hybrid automobiles can only use fuel with a higher octane number.

The truth - they work just fine with any standard fuel. 

5. Wide-spread is the myth that hybrids are difficult to drive and require a set of special skills from the person behind the steering wheel.

In reality, they are just as easy as any other car on the market. 

6. In a recent reach, people have stated as a major reason for not owning a hybrid the idea that its maintenance would be way too expensive.

In fact, hybrids are just like any other automobiles - if not checked regularly and problems are left unsolved, the consequences may result in empty pocket or even worse - irreversibly damaged car. So frequent inspections would keep it in perfect shape. 

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Author: Diyana Ilieva