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The Ferrari FXX-K: born to race

24 August 2018

closer look at the sporty Ferrari FXX-K

Through the years the Italian car maker Ferrari managed to secure a top position in the segment of one-of-a-kind luxurious vehicles.Whether it's because of the refined design, or the truly mesmerizing technical capabilities, it's a fact that today Ferrari is a synonym of splendor on four wheels. 

We have been bewitched by the astonishing E40, 308 GTS, LaFerrari, Ferrari 458, 250 TR Testarossa, Dino 246 GT, 250 GT California Spider, FXX-K.

The iconic prancing horse has become a daydream for many of us, especially one particular vehicle - the Ferrari FXX-K. So what's so special about it?

the amazing FXX-K from Ferrari

Since its first release in 2014, the stylish coupé has turned into an all-time favourite racer for fans and petrol heads. Most critics and automotive bloggers compare FXX-K model to the famous LaFerrari - mostly due to its exterior details (especially on the rear - the gun-slit shaped lights). The truth is that both vehicles may look similar, but that's all. Actually, digging deeper under the bonet and between the mechanics, one will find that the FXX-K is one of a kind. 

The staggering beast has a 6.3 V12 (1050 hp) engine (with 59 hp more than the LaFerrari) paired with a 190 hp electric motor. The super car is rear wheel drive with a direct injection fuel system and 7-speed automatic DCT. Both, front and rear brakes are ventilated discs (Brembo carbon-ceramic units). What's also new: mechanical engine valves and brand-new camshafts are added, while the mufflers are gone. New addition is the kinetic recovery system (KERS - for which stands the K in the name of the car) that amplifies the vehicle's performance on track. This particular Ferrari model comes with four unique drive modes: Qualify, Long Run, Fast Charge and Manual Boost. 

The athletic nature of this particular Ferrari car is enhanced by the aerodynamic body shape - starting from the prominent and aggressive front and ending with the edgy half-wings at the rear. Looking straight at the interior we cannot but point out the dominating "race car" feeling. It is implied by every detail inside the compact, yet comfortable cabin. Simplified and clean dashboard panel, responsive d-cut steering wheel and leather sports seats (that gently embrace and protect the body) are just a small piece of the incredible interior design of the car.

Epic, furious, astounding - that's exactly what the Ferrari FXX-K is!


Author: Diyana Ilieva