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The fascinating return of BMW 8 Series coupe

29 May 2017

It was 1999 when the last BMW from the 8 Series went out of production. And since then - silence. It would take BMW another 18 years to revive production of those coupes. 

Yesterday, at Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este BMW Group unveiled an upcoming concept of the long forgotten 8 Series Coupe. Unlike its predecessors, the concept implements almost all innovations from the modern automotive industry. 

Though the displayed concept car was just a study vehicle, the car maker intends to launch a real vehicle next year. With this act from BMW are planning to increase their sales and to conquer luxury coupes segment. 

How are they going to achieve it? 

Simply by offering one of the most incredible coupes ever to come out of BMW's manufacturing plants. We cannot deny that the 8 Series Coupe Concept looks amazing and nothing like its predecessor. 

BMW's designers have given their best to create a car that embodies the latest technological breakthrough with the typical for BMW elements. The exceptional concept design displays striking fresh lines. Starting from the front grille, what attracts attention is a distinctive kidney-shaped front grille with the BMW badge atop. L-shaped double headlights and tail-lights are stretching wide, giving out a sense of masculinity and aggressiveness. The bonnet has some gentle elements that are also spread across the roof of the vehicle. On a closer look one cannot miss the refined features on the rear. Though the concept does not have panoramic sunroof, the back window would do perfect. It provides enough natural light inside the cabin. 

BMW have installed a carbon-fibre diffuser that is both stylish, sporty and light - the 3 key elements for sports car. Side mirrors also have a distinct shape that adds to the aggressive look of the BMW vehicle. 

The stylish 8 Series Concept comes with 2 doors and 4 seats (each one of them has a sporty slim design, that offer incredible comfort for the driver and passengers during a long drive). The steering wheel is also crafted to fit the sporty spirit of BMW 8. Incredible infotainment system, large center console, wide-screen on the dashboard turn the concept into a smart car, that could give its owner the ultimate driving experience. And to emphasize on the exclusiveness of having such car, designers have added finest "Merino" leather as an upholstery.

And though it is still unclear what engine would be added to the production car, from BMW have stated their intentions of extending the range with a convertible. 

Source: BMW AG