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The car of the century reveled - meet the Czinger 21C

21 February 2020

Czinger finally released some more information about their first model C21. The serial production will be in limited in just 80 units in two variants - road-legal and race-vehicle. Both versions will be provided with a high level of customization depending on customers demand and expectations.

Czinger 21C - white and blue, profile
© Czinger Vehicles Inc.

The model 21C will be equipped with an all-wheel-drive system and hybrid powertrain. It will consist of 2.88-litre V8 twin-turbo unit and two powerful electric motors, each driving one of the front wheels of the vehicle. The ultra-modern car will be equipped with light-weighted seven-speed automated manual transmission. The maximum power output of the hybrid system will reach 1250 hp at 11 000 rpm. The acceleration times of the sporty vehicles are really impressive:

Revolutionary manufacturing technology

The 21C is manufactured in a completely new technology implementing a fully integrated patented production system. Czinger team has developed az automated scheme and optimized software design for the patented process, to be able fully automatically and precise production of every small detail and a novelty way for reinforcing the used materials. The 21C is going to be the first model built by this new revolutionary system.
This is the technology which allows the engineering and design team of Czinger to represent the 21 century not just in one vehicle, but in every vehicle's particle, every detail, every drop of paint.

Czinger 21C - blue profile
© Czinger Vehicles Inc.

Unbelievable performance

The stunning performance of the vehicle is a result of a precise design of every detail and every part in such a way, that when combined to work in harmony. 21C is designed and manufactured from the ground level in Czinger's headquarters in LA, California. The lightweight construction of the modern vehicle, made of high-quality alloy, carbon fibre and other multi-material structures, is forming the strong chassis of 21C. The whole process of engineering, printing and assembling of the chassis is led under computerised controlled technology. The stable construction houses the hybrid power of the vehicle. Achieving the amazing mass to power ratio of 1:1, the 2,88-litre V8 motor is successfully combined with the two electric motors to provide the automobile with a system output of 1250 horsepowers.

Stunning design

The design team of Czinger brings into the 21C look the vision for the upcoming future ideas. The first model of the company offers a perfect distribution of space for the two-space configuration of the cabin. With this particular solution is allowed better weight distribution and consequently better performance for the beautiful car. The design idea of the vehicle is connected with functional features. So every opening, every line of the dramatic silhouette has its specific role in the functionality and are at the right place to ensure the perfect proportions and aerodynamics of the vehicle. The in-line seating cockpit forms a narrow cabin that pierces the air sharply. At the same time, the shrunk body of the car wraps the chassis as gently sculpts front and rear overhanging around the wheel arches. No production vehicle has combined such design elements up to the present moment. But now, due to its innovative and revolutionary technologies, Czinger has the chance to the pioneers in this field.

Czinger 21C - интериор
© Czinger Vehicles Inc.

Additionally, to comfort even the most pretentious customer, the manufacturer has a long list of additional equipment and extras to offer along with the amazing model. For some features, Czinger collaborates with some of the most popular names in the automotive industry like Michelin, Alcantara, Mr Leight.
More information, curiosities and photographies of the car of the century will be provided during the Geneva International Motor Show from 5 to 15 March 2020.