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Subaru BRZ - the twin brother of Toyota 86

26 September 2019

The model is a product of a collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. It actually is a variant of the popular Toyota 86 - rebadged and technically tweaked, of course.

The BRZ abbreviation comes from three key for the car elements: B is for Boxer engine, R is for rear-wheel drive and Z is for zenith. In order to differentiate from the well-known Toyota 86, BRZ sports fresh front fascia design, hexagonal grille, front lights (bumper-integrated daytime and LED parking lights) and new fender on the front. Another significant element that sets apart Subaru BRZ from Toyota 86 is the different suspension unit integrated.

Subaru's model was available in just 2 trim levels: R (called Premium for North America) and S (marketed as Limited in North America). For EU and Australian market, BRZ cars came equipped with a Toyota stereo unit, while for Japan and North America, Subaru used its own.

Subaru BRZ - blue rear

Keeping a close eye on its local Japanese car market, the Toyota-Subaru Union launched a very special edition of the model. Targeting solely Japan, BRZ tS entered the market with flying colors, offering an improved suspension system, 18-in special wheels, sporty body kit, bigger drive-shaft, upgraded steering wheel design, new front seat and quality leather upholstery.

Due to changes in Toyota 86 design and technical specifications, along with the different preference of every market, Subaru BRZ has also undergone some changes.

So far, the BRZ has had 2 generations. The first one is manufactured between 2012 and 2016 and it features 4 modifications with a 2.0L (200 hp engine unit).

The second one is a 2017 facelift and includes two modifications - based on the same 2.0l (200 hp) powerplant.

Top speed, fuel consumption numbers, as well as dimensions, vary in accordance with each of the car's specifications.