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A self-driving car of the day after-tomorrow – meet the Icona Nucleus

12 February 2019

Take a deep breathe and imagine that we are in the deep future. Then our cars will not need a driver, and we will just enjoy the luxurious lounge inside and the beautiful sight outside. Meet a car that is coming from the future. Icona Nucleus is awaiting for a exciting voyage ahead in time.

The Italian group of Icona offers a complete range of services for vehicle development, including styling, engineering, and manufacturing of style models, show cars and prototypes. Well known with their super car – Volcano, now they reveal their new concept car – Nucleus. It represents the synthesis of futurism and a human-centered mindset. While the previous concept Neo introduced us to tomorrow, the Nucleus concept will introduce us to distant future.

Icona Nucleus GIMS2018 Main picture

Technical data


Driving system:




Icona Nucleus GIMS2018 Exterior


This next generation car, has a really stunning exterior design. Its look is stylish and beautiful, and the aerodynamic profile is perfectly shaped to move quietly through the air. The elegant design emphasizes the luxurious level of the Nucleus.

The asymmetrical body is divided into 2 portions by a diagonal line crossing the roof. Being fully autonomous, there is no side glass in the traditional sense, rather semi-transparent bodycolor panels that allow the occupants to see out from the vehicle but remain shrouded for privacy while traveling.

The upper glass from windscreen to the complete roof is asymmetrical, divided into fully transparent and semitransparent glass, giving a distinct visual cue that this vehicle is something truly different.

Icona Nucleus GIMS2018 Interior


The Icona Nucleus is a self-moving executive lounge. It prioritizes the occupants' and passengers' interaction and personal space. The car can accommodate up to 6 people. The seats are adjustable and  rotating to face the front or the rear . There is a table and front wet bar, that makes the cabin looks like a luxurious living room. The multidisciplinary infotainment system will entertain the  passengers inside. Mobile Office Access Kit, all necessary spaces and connections for a laptop  and Wireless Device Charger turns the cabin into a smart business or office space too. Being a large luxury car, Nucleus shows a more mature and peaceful world waiting for us.

Icona Nucleus GIMS2018 Profile

Powertrain, driving system and performance

As everything else, the drivetrain of this car is really different and ultra-modern in comparison with all the other vehicles. The propulsion of Icona Nucleus is electric AWD,  the power is up to 600 hp. The drivetrain is really intriguing  : 4 Elaphe-technology L1500 in-wheel mounted motors drive the vehicle. Each wheel has its own 110kW software-operating motor. Nucleus has 6-coils battery by Bollore Blue Solutions that makes the car totally environment-friendly. Another green improvement is the hydrogen range extender, that ensures the zero emissions in the air.  As we can expect, the self-driving car has its own driving system that totally replaces the driver. This futuristic car uses level five autonomy by HoloMatic. Icona Nucleus has an impressing performance too. Its acceleration for 0-100km/h is only 3.5sec. The combined range is up to 1200km, as the drag coefficient is only 0.22.

Icona Nucleus GIMS2018 Backview

Unfortunately, it is still not sure if this conception will be pushed into production.

Author: Yordanka Stoyanova