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Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari – dream came true for car enthusiasts

22 January 2020

Ferrari 375 MM at Enzo Ferrari's museum in Modena

Few are the moments in life and places in the world that can cause a sudden burst of positive emotions in every car enthusiast. And Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari combines it all.

Located under Modena’s blue skies, the museum spreads across the 6,000 square meters, added to Enzo Ferrari’s home and his father’s workshop. Since its opening back in 2012, the museum has welcomed tens of thousands of car fans from around the world, from various ages. Some even refer to it as the holy grail of the sports cars industry.

Ferrari 250  GTO from  1962 at Ferrari's museum in Modena

Meticulously arranged in different thematic expositions in various halls, visitors have the chance to stand face to face with masterpieces like 375 MM (1953), 330 GTC (1966), the agile LaFerrari (2013), FF (2011), 250 GT Cabriolet (1957), 488 GTB (2015), 250 California and 250 GTO (1962).

Along with the conventional vehicles, Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari takes pride in its special track exhibition. Centered around one of the most prominent and thrilling race competitions on earth, Formula One, the exhibition displays Scuderia’s bolide cars. Right outside the main building sits the former workshop of Enzo Ferrari’s father.

The structure, still carrying its old Italian architecture’s charm, is now home to Ferrari’s technological wonderland. Inside the sunlit halls with tall ceilings are carefully arranged some of the most fascinating engine developments – the living proof of Enzo Ferrari’s genius. Either tested or experimental, the massive metal bodies of some of the best V12 powerplants silently welcome museum guests, reminding them that the true power lies underneath the pretty exterior.

V12 engine exhibition at the Enzo Ferrari's museum in Modena

What’s even more to Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari is that each exhibition is accompanied by a multitude of additional information – images, videos, sketches, official and unofficial documents as well as some little-known historical details.

A specially-created for the occasion movie introduces the visitors to Enzo Ferrari's life – starting from his childhood, through his career as a race driver and the very first cars to roll out of his car factory, going all the way to the present day.

For those who are addicted to the high speeds and always seek the thrill of driving on a track, the museum has something extraordinary to offer. These are the two semi-professional driving simulators and the near-by race track. The simulators offer a one-of-a-kind experience, offering each visitor the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of Scuderia’s bolide and become part of the Formula One race.

The outstanding Ferrari LaFerrari at Ferrari's museum in Modena

On the track of Autodromo di Modena, the bravest revheads could test their nerves via a 15-minute speed chase in one of the most magnificent and fast Ferraris. That’s, of course, is possible with the help of one of Ferrari’s professional drivers present at the sight.

A statement of the company’s socially-oriented policy is the existence of a youth educational center. Because of the specially developed programs, created and executed in a collaboration with different educational institutions, children and teenagers can derive knowledge about the automotive technology applied by Ferrari.

A themed cafe and a souvenir shop add a finishing touch to the magical world of Ferrari in Modena.

Ferrari FF exhibited at Enzo Ferrari's museum in Modena