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For champions only: BMW 3 Series 2020

12 February 2020

2020 BMW 3 Серия спортен седан
© Copyright BMW AG, Munich (Germany)

The iconic BMW 3 Series have undergone a massive design and technical upgrade. Compared with its predecessor, the newly-released 3 Series is bigger, more stable and thrilling to ride. This means that without a doubt, the elegant machine will become a preferred choice not only for hardcore BMW fans but also for those who seek new adventures behind the wheel.

Those who are aware of the brand’s traditional design philosophy cannot unnoticed the slight deviation from it. The 2020 car displays incredibly clean and simple outlines, which underline its sports nature and enhance its impressiveness at the same time. Depending on the trim level, the shape of the front fascia of the new BMW can vary. The sportier, M version, for example, showcases a deeply-set bumper. Front headlights, on the other hand, display sharper and even slightly aggressive design, perfectly fitting the racing spirit of the German machine.

A unique feature of the automobile is the updated front grille and more specifically its integrated openings. Depending on the engine’s work temperature and cooling needs, those holes open and close to transfer the incoming air flow directly to the car’s motor. The grille also plays an integral role in the aerodynamic profile of the new 3 Series.

The elegant sleek lines are mirrored in the rear lights form, too. Their two-toned panels posses an intriguing 3D effect and give the car more depth and expressiveness of the lines while making it look wider and more sporty.

Unlike most of its competitors, the new 3 Series 2020 is equipped with two massive exhaust pipes set deeper in the rear bumper. Sadly, a true miss, are the rear vents that could have perfectly matched the exhaust.

Depending on the configuration chose, the new BMW is offered with a variety of alloys. The higher the trim level, the bigger the wheels. The side profile of the car captures the attention with its long and black trim linings used to underline the windows. They significantly contribute to the car’s athleticism and masculinity.

The classic design philosophy, applied in the exterior, continues inside the coupe of the 2020 3 Series. It’s also intriguing that the angle of the instrumental panel is directed towards the driver – helping the driver focus entirely on the road ahead. The central console, now stripped down of all the unnecessary buttons, attracts the attention with its neatly placed chrome details. Because of them, the spacious cabin feels fresh and luxurious. The latter also finds expression in the internal door handles, made of solid metal. The high-quality leather materials, used for the cabin upholstery, is also applied in the panels of the side doors.

BMW’s engineering precision is most evident at the center console firm construction. A direct result from that is the complete absence of those annoying sounds of losing plastic panels, that occur every time the vehicle hits a pothole or drives over a road bump.

Новото BMW 3 Серия 2020 спортно возило
© Copyright BMW AG, Munich (Germany)

Another innovative technique, applied by the German engineering team, is the foam-filled front pillars of the new 3 Series. This aims to successfully remove the whistling sound, formed from the crashing of wind into the windshield. A centerpiece of the cabin, however, is the modern digital dashboard and its gauges.

The 2020 BMW 3 Series is offered with a variety of options for configuration – something for everyone. An important detail is that parking assistance, LED front headlamps, 3-zone climate control, cruise control, and a rearview camera are part of the standard equipment pf the car.

An interesting feature of the parking assistant is that it has a 3D view functionality that provides a detailed overview of the car’s surrounding environment.

The sports packages, on the other hand, offer an alloy door sill and a bigger fuel reservoir, in addition to the long list of special amenities. The M Sport variant, for instance, comes with a 10.0-inch high-resolution touchscreen display of the updated infotainment system.

Furthermore, the package contains BMW’s assistant. Similar to Siri, the assistant has voice activation. It can be operated through voice commands or by pressing its icons. What’s specific about the assistant, it that it can read the driver’s mood and respond to it in many different ways - by changing the ambient lighting or the airflow in the cabin, for example.

The huge, 12.0-inch digital dashboard, stiffer sports suspension, more powerful brakes, and sport steering wheel complete the list of most significant features of the 2020 3 Series.

An upgrade to the M Sport package is the M Sport Plus trim. It expands the extras’ list with a limited-slip differential, variable sport steering and adaptive dampers – features, that enhance the car’s performance, stability, and sporty behavior.

For those who prefer to ride in style, BMW offers the Premium package that includes a sunroof and adjustable front seats with a memory function.

Луксозният интериор на BMW 3 Серия 2020 седан

No matter the trim, each BMW 3 Series 2020 comes with an outstanding infotainment system. Along with its impeccable graphics, the system welcomes users with its simple and intuitive design. Easy to navigate and use, the infotainment can be operated in many ways – via gesture, through the swivel wheel or the icons on the display.

More than two USB ports and few 12V outputs are placed in various places around the cabin and the trunk. There’s a wireless charging pad for smartphones, located in the center console.

Typically, the climate control controller is located on the center console. In the case of the new 3 Series 2020, it is positioned aside. The steering wheel now incorporates only the most important buttons. Both, front and rear seats are with an ergonomic design, that exudes comfort and coziness.

The sporty steering has few adjusting positions, correlating the driver’s needs and preferences. As already mentioned, the new BMW sports one of the best in its class cabin and trunk space. Neatly hidden storage spaces are placed all over the cabin – under the armrest, in the center console and the glove box, and the side doors.

The unprecedently large opening of the rear doors provides easy access to the rear of the car. For those who want to elevate their comfort, the German carmaker offers an option for seats with lumbar support.

With the rear seats folded, via two delicately designed levers, the otherwise spacious trunk can significantly grow in volume. Though full of smart technologies, it is somehow disappointing that despite compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the new 3 Series still needs additional gimmicks to offer keyless entry.

Under the bonnet, BMW proposes different options for engine configurations – petrol and diesel. Less powerful engines are coupled with a manual gearbox, while the rest – with a revised 8-speed automatic.

Traditionally, 3 Series comes with a rear-wheel drive. The 2020 version, however, can be ordered with a four-wheel-drive system.
Despite the choice of engine, the 2020 BMW 3 Series sports incredible agility, stability, and road performance. Especially for those who seek the thrill of the speed, BMW has prepared a specially-developed suspension that takes the car’s performance to a whole new level.