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Aspark Owl - the fastest electric super car made in Japan

24 August 2018

Aspark Owl  electric prototype

The 2017 IAA will forever be remembered for the reveal of one extraordinary automobile - Aspark Owl prototype. Created by a team of skilled Japanese envisioneers, the electric super car looks like it's been taken straight out of some futuristic Hollywood blockbuster. 

Rear view of Aspark Owl ev prototype

Aspark is a stylish coupe that hides under the hood a powerful 435 horsepower - enough to boost the racer well ahead the tight sports cars' competition, thanks to the pair of 40 kW motors. With a recorded top speed of 280 km/h and the capacity to jump from 0 to 100 km/g in the mesmerizing 2.0 seconds Aspark's creators claim that it is the fastest electric supercar in the world. 

With a perfect measures of 990 mm in height, 2757 mm of wheelbase, width of 1935 mm, 4830 mm in length and a carbon fiber body, the ultra light Aspark is pretty quick on the race tracks. 

Inside the Japanese electric prototype Aspark Owl

What also differs this Japanese electric miracle on four-wheel is its exterior. One cannot but notice the unusual shape of the vehicle. Big side vents, distinguishable front splitter and shiny magnesium wheels, accompanied with the finest upholstery and infotainment technology take the car into another level. 

Planned enter the car market sometime in 2019, Aspark Owl will be available in limited number and a price, starting from the monstrous $5.2 million. 


Author: Diyana Ilieva