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The stylish McLaren Elva - a masterpiece of its own

04 March 2020

McLaren Elva roadster
© McLaren Automotive Limited

McLaren has always been one of those automotive manufacturers famous for their insanely expensive and ultra-sporty vehicles. The companies have built a solid reputation base on their professionalism in technological breakthroughs and design long before the launch of the successful Sport a Supercar series (part of which are the sprinters P1, Senna and Speedtail).

But its the appearance of the stunning Elva, that opens a new page in the brand’s history and raises the bar in the automotive industry in terms of appearance and performance. The car is named after an iconic racing vehicle, designed by Bruce MacLaren himself, and impresses with its unusual for the brand shape. It’s McLaren’s first completely roofless and window-less roadster.

Inspired by the classic roadsters, the new McLaren captivates attention with its untraditionally elegant and dynamic silhouette and proportions – elements, most notably in the car’s low front, prominent fenders and massive rear.

The rear of McLaren Elva
© McLaren Automotive Limited

Usually, McLaren’s cars come equipped with several spoilers, which enhance the aerodynamics and the overall performance of the automobiles. Elva, however, comes with specially formed aerodynamic outlines and an Active Air Management System. Thanks to the system, the car can successfully compensate for the absence of a front windshield and to unleash its aerodynamic characteristics.

This happens through the process of capturing the incoming airflow, that repels from the front splitter and goes straight to an air duct, centrally positioned on the front hood. From there, the air goes out of a carbon-fiber deflector, thus creating an air bubble that protects the driver and its passenger when the car speeds on the track.

If the vehicle does not need Active Air Management System, the incoming airflow goes through Elva’s radiators. Also, Elva’s rear has a delicate active rear spoiler and a massive diffuser which helps the car stay stable when cornering.

Side view of McLaren Elva
© McLaren Automotive Limited

The clean and elegant design used for Elva’s exterior is continued in the car’s interior, too. The roadster comes with an open carbon cockpit, bespoke sports seats, sports steering wheel and a high-quality upholstery that can be customized.

An intriguing detail is a fact that McLaren Elva is the first of the brand’s creations that comes with Active Dynamic functions (part of the gauge pack) that move with the adjustable steering wheel.

A high-resolution 8.0-inch touchscreen display, placed on the upper part of the central console, is the focus of the stylish open-top cabin. Thought it, the driver can access the vehicle's functionalities.

Created with a focus entirely on the experience behind the wheel, Elva lacks an audio system. However, against a modest fee, any prospective McLaren Elva’s owner can get one (and can even configure the car with a windshield).

The missing audio system is done in an attempt to save on weight so that the car is light enough to cut through the air with impressive speed and for a staggering amount of time (from 0 to 200 km/h in just 6.7 seconds).

The front of McLaren Elva
© McLaren Automotive Limited

Although most of the car’s technical specifications are still kept in secret, McLaren promises that this would be the lightest, most agile and fastest of vehicles to come out of its production halls.

One thing, however, is sure – the 4.0 L twin-turbo V8 engine (815 hp), borrowed from McLaren Senna. The powerplant is combined with a 7-speed automatic DCT gearbox, which provides the car with a smooth and easy gearshift.

The massive sports vehicle will also feature 15.3-inch carbon-ceramic disc brakes, forged alloys, and bespoke Pirelli track tires.

McLaren Elva is planned to be produced in a limited number of units – just 399. The car’s price tag starts from a little over $1.8 million.


Author: D. Ilieva