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Suzuki Swift Sport 2020 - the sporty supermini goes hybrid

20 March 2020

After the first introduction of the Swift Sport model for Europe at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, now the manufacturer reveals the latest version of the successful supermini. New Hybrid technology is implemented into the 2020 Swift Sport to provide even higher standard specification numbers than its predecessor.

The latest version of the compact sport supermini model of Suzuki features an exclusive frontal design. The nose is projected beyond that of the standard model due to the amazing new grille and bumper style. Like in the rest Swift model range, the Swift Sport offers the same vertical arrangement of front and rear lamps. The sports aesthetics in the compact vehicle is brought to life thanks to the black aerodynamic spoilers spanning the front, sides and rear, and the roof-end spoiler that balances aerodynamics.

Suzuki Swift  Sport 2020 - Front red on road
Credits: Suzuki Automotive

The known as “HEARTECT” lightweight platform provides the sporty vehicle with enhanced performance. The overall structure of the Sport model ensures excellent body rigidity, enhances collision safety and results in low kerb weight of just 1025kg and torque of 235Nm. The dimensions of 2020 Swift Sport slightly differs from the standard Swift model. It is 50mm longer and 15mm lower, but it still keeps the main lines of Swift Characteristic styling. Some elements are refreshed, others are boldly transformed to achieve the result of a sporty looking compact car. The blacked-out pillars provide the feeling of a floating roof. To improve aerodynamics and keeps maximum tyre contact, a roof spoiler is provided to emphasize once again the sporty spirit of the new Suzuki Swift Sport 2020.

The interior has some notable changes also. The highly dimensional instrument panel highlights a sense of nimble speed, while the red accent panels in the interior provide high contrast in the whole interior look. For even more sporty feeling the tachometer features a red dial face and the speedometer is coloured silver. The sporty character of the cabin is finished by the exclusive alloy pedals and semi-bucket front seats featuring embossed “Sport” logos. The steering wheel is also with a special design featuring a secure grip. The adoption of the latest Suzuki’s platform minimizes the size of the engine compartment and ensures a more spacious cabin for the occupants and luggage. The boot capacity is raised by 25 % in comparison to the previous Swift Sport model, while legroom and headroom offer comfortable seating at the rear bench.

The new – 48V Hybrid technology

Suzuki Swift Sport 2020 - Rear red semi profile right
Credits: Suzuki Automotive

The new higher-powered Swift Sport hybrid system is consisted of a 48V lithium-ion battery, integrated Starter generator (also called ISG) and DC/AC converter to power components requiring lower voltage like lights, audio or air conditioning system. The ISG acts at the same time as a generator and as a starter motor, and it is belt driven and assists the petrol engine. The compact and high-performance battery can store energy from deceleration and braking and incorporates an idle stop function via the ISC. It is positioned under the front seats to assist the overall weight distribution.

The 48V mild Hybrid technology also has offered new features like torque-fill control- raising engine response and Torque boost – for smoother acceleration. The electric motor output is 10 kW.

The 2020 Swift Sport model features refined 1,4-litre combustion engine, designated as K14D and implements electric Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system, new fuel injectors and higher pressure fuel pump. The dual VVT system improves significantly the engine performance and in combination with the electric motor improves the fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. Offering equivalent levels of power and torque with the much larger 2.0-litre normally aspirated engine, the K14D provides excellent driving experience and a genuine feeling.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2020 - Red front semi profile left on road
Credits: Suzuki Automotive

The refinement includes some special features that emphasize the sporty character of 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport:

Suzuki Swift Sport 2020 - rear red semi profile dark
Credits: Suzuki Automotive

Highlights in the standard equipment are the six airbags, air conditioning, DAB radio, LED daytime running lights, 17-inch alloys, body-coloured side mirrors and four electric windows. The 2020 model Swift Sport is available in one solid colour and five metallic colours at no optional cost along with two further available colours as two-tone with a black roof.

Enhanced in-car systems include cross-traffic alert, traffic sign recognition and blind-spot monitor in the standard equipment features.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2020 features advanced systems providing extraordinary safety features. Some of the are:

The list with extra equipment is long, so if you would like to customize Swift Sport 2020, you can make unique and fitted to you taste. And the car will offer its best to show the Hybrid technology implemented into a sporty compact supermini car.

Author: Danny Stoyanova