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Seat Leon 2020 - the most innovative product of the Spanish manufacturer

30 January 2020

Since its first introduction in 1999 Seat Leon is one of the flagship models of the brand. It brings to the Spanish manufacturer outstanding sales numbers - by the middle of last year a million vehicles of the model have been sold. Now coming with the stunning new vision, from both outside and inside, the latest Leon 2020 is ready to conquer the compact segment. Full of innovative technologies and bringing its distinctive style, the next-gen vehicle is designed to stand out in the crowd.

2020 Seat Leon - amazing red, top profile
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.


Seat Leon 2020 offers balanced proportions and amazes with unique elegance and sportiness. The advanced MQB Evo platform provides the flexibility of the design and increased dimensions. The all-new Leon will come in two versions - 5-door hatchback and Sportstourer. Both of them will offer 50mm growth in the wheelbase in comparison to its predecessor from the previous-gen of the model. The all-new Leon 2020 has a stronger character and underlined elegance. It amazes with its smooth flowing surfaces and perfectly balanced curves and edges of the body. At the front, the 3-D connection between the front grille and headlights grabs the eye. At the rear, the LED lights are provided with an interesting eyebrow effect. The hood of the car is also slightly longer than the outgoing model's. Prolonged forms combined with dramatic edges and excellent paintwork, results in an extremely beautiful car, changing its colour in different nuances at the light. The rear-lightning is emphasised by the used coast-to-coast design and makes the new vehicle easily recognizable even in the dark.

2020 Seat Leon - graphite grey, front close look
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.

The evolutionary design is brought in the interior too. Smooth lines and surfaces are implemented in the dashboard, to provide a minimalistic impression and strengthen the feeling of lightness and elegance. The 10-inch infotainment screen is specially created by Digital Lab in SEAT. It includes gesture recognition and provides precise interaction and easy control of all functionalities. The dashboard's wraparound light and interior ambient lighting give emphasises the upgraded stylish interior. The space of the cabin is distributed perfectly to provide enough comfort for all occupants. The seats with ergonomic design have leather and textile upholstery and offer excellent security for the driver and passengers of the all-new Seat Leon. The plastic used for the door panels and dashboard impresses with its softness and high quality. Although 2020 Leon is a part of the compact segment, it offers quite good boot capacity - 380l for the hatch version and 617l for the Soprtstourer. Created to grab the eye from the first glimpse, the latest Seat's model combines successfully appealing design and practicality.

2020 Seat Leon - blue, front fascia
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.


To fulfil every customer's demands and expectations, the manufacturer provides a good range of trims - Reference, Style, Xcellence and FR. All of them will include Kessy Go keyless entry, USB connectivity, 8-inch infotainment system and automatically controlled LED headlight technology.

The top trim is named FR. It features numerous elements and extras. It also implements specially developed FR-suspension, bumpers, larger 17 or 18-inch alloy wheels and multifunction steering wheel. In terms of comfort, this trim offers 3-zone automatic air conditioner, larger 10,25-inch display for the infotainment system and rear parking sensors. The full-LED technology for the rear lights ais also included in the list of standard features of this trim.

2020 Seat Leon - red, top rear profile
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.

The Xcellence level offers a different package, that provides a unique character to the all-new Seat Leon 2020. The exterior of the trim amazes with the stamped Diamond grille and chrome-framed windows, while in the inside the specific ambient lightning technology comforts even the most pretentious customer.

The lower in the list of trims stand Style and Reference. They offer electric mirrors, 6 airbags and seatbelt reminders as standard. Style trim has in its list heated exterior mirrors, leather steering wheel and gear knob and the option for 17-inch alloys.

2020 Seat Leon - graphite grey profile
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.


The world is changing every minute. The future belongs to the digital world. That's why Seat updates the technology and connectivity pack of the latest Leon with the best possible systems and functions. The beating heart of this modern compact car is the infotainment system. The standard display has 8,25-inch, but optionally a 10,25 -inch screen is also available. Both versions are smartphone audio compatible. The larger option offers also Navi system offering 3 connected navigation, Retina display capability, voice control and gesture recognition. It makes the whole system simplifies and user-friendly.
Full Link system ensures compatibility of the car with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto via cable connection.
The Online Connectivity Unit provides non-stop internet access for the car via SIM card.
And the last but not least innovation is the SEAT Connect App. It allows the owner to access all car data even being outside the car. The app can also detect vehicle's parking position, driving data, doors' and light remote control, remote open/close function. Numerous in-car and online services can create inside your 2020 Leon a digital world to match the owner's specific needs.

2020 Seat Leon - interior, connectivity
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.


The next-gen compact car features a wide range of engine options: petrol, diesel, CNG, MHEV, PHEV - all of them created to deliver the highest level of performance and unique driving experience.


Standard petrol's versions include either 1,0-liter, 1,5-liter or 2,0-liter unit, generating outputs between 66kW/90PS and 140kW/190PS. The motor with a volume of 1,0-liter is 3-cylinder TSI units, used for the very first time in Seat Leon.


The all-new Leon 2020 offers three versions of its 2.0-litre TDI unit. They will generate power of either 85kW/115PS or 110kW/150PS. The difference between the three variants will come from their transmission and drive system. The 2020 Leon Hatchback and Soprtstourer will have the choice for either manual or automatic DSG transmission. But only the Sportstourer will have the option for a combination of DSG gearbox and 4Drive System (4WD).

2020 Seat Leon - blue, rear
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.


2020 Seat Leon will feature a CNG 1,5-litre TGI engine, that will provide a maximal power of 96kW/130PS. The 3 CNG tanks of this version will have a total capacity of 17.3kg, ensuring the vehicle's range of 440km. In case the CNG tank runs dry, the engines will automatically switch to the petrol unit.

MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

The used mild-hybrid technology e-TSI, allows 2020 Leon to implement a system providing more efficient driving. It is available with either 1.0TSI 110PS or with the 1.5TSI 150PS engine, mated to a 48V starter-generator and 48V lithium-ion battery. The mild-hybrid system allows the all-new Leon to recover energy under braking or deceleration, and to assist the engine when it is possible.

PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)

The fourth generation of Leon offers a plug-in hybrid variant in its engine line-up. Mated to a 1,4-litre TSI petrol engine, the electric motor and the 13kWh lithium-ion battery pack are capable to ensure a total system power output of 150kW/204PS. This version of the compact vehicle provides also a fully-electric range of 60km (WLTP). The plug-in hybrid version will be offered on both hatchback and sportstourer modifications of the latest Seat's vehicle.

2020 Seat Leon - graphite grey, plug-in hybrid
© 2020 SEAT, S.A.


The manufacturer designed the new Leon 2020 bearing in mind that the most important feature of every car is the safety. SEAT implemented various technologies to predict every scenario and finally designed a completely new safety system - ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). It incorporates numerous different technologies, cameras and controlling units. As a result, the all-new Seat Leon ensures excellent security for the driver, passengers and the other people and vehicles on the, no matter if the car is moving or staying stationary.

Author: Danny Stoyanova