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Renault Twingo Z.E. - the Electric queen of the city

09 March 2020

Renault Twingo Z.E. - front fascia, white
Credits: Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce

For its 27 years on the market, Twingo has almost 4 million cars sold in 25 countries and became a favourite city compact vehicle for a lot of people. Now the model rises the level with the launch of the all-electric version Twingo Z.E. Suited to the needs of the city driver and based on an electric car platform, the renovated model offers performance and pleasure underlined by the eco-friendly features of the car. Twingo Z.E. has inherited from its combustion engine counterpart the best-in-class turning radius. The combination of electric RWD system and a variety of different driving modes makes the driving experience even more fun and enjoyable. Twingo Z.E. has a powerful battery with a capacity of 22kWh, which ensures a city trip for approximately one whole week. The new vehicle provides better-charging capabilities and makes the compact car up to 4 times faster in recharging than its competitors in the segment. The size is one of the main advantages not only of Twingo Z.E. but of the whole Twingo line-up. For its tiny size, the interior offers unexpected roominess and modularity. Innovative services and new specific features promise to Renault Twingo Z.E. a great success.

Electrifying the iconic model

Renault Twingo Z.E. - front profile, charging
Credits: Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce

Nowadays the main issue in city transport is the ecological topic. So all compact city cars are focused on going all-electric to eliminate emissions and to ensure clean air. Twingo Z.E. is Renault's response to this environmental issue. The model is quite practical, efficient, and eco-friendly. This makes it an excellent solution for daily use and positions it in the Europen B segment next to the new ZOE. Twingo has a platform originally designed for an electric car, which one if its advantages in comparison with some electric-competitors sharing their combustion engine ancestors platforms. The vehicle's battery is of the latest generation. It offers a capacity of 22 kWh and is built of lithium-ion cells. The production of the power unit is done in partnership with LG Chem. The Twingo Z.E. battery offers optimized charging across all charging stations in alternative current (AC) up to 22kW. The powertrain of the mini-city car is on that used in the New ZOE and promises a first-class energy efficiency of the new model. Renault Twingo Z.E. is assembled in Renault's plant in Slovenia.


The cherished design of the iconic model is kept with slight differences and additional features added to underline its new electric nature. The front fascia of Twingo Z.E. looks eye-catching due to the C-shaped LED headlight that optically units with air inlet lying underneath. The front edging implements horizontal patterns with traditional electric blue signature showing the trim level of the mini car. Although keeping the classic design of its iconic model, Renault wants to provide its customers with very good customization options. That's why they offer a variety of body colours, colour packages, wheels, and of course specific all-electric design-features like badges, electric blue lines and other elements.


Renault Twingo Z.E. - interior, top look
Credits: Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce

Despite being known os the supermini in the Renault family, Twingo Z.E. amazes with is practical and functional interior. The passenger compartment offers excellent customisation options with its five doors, five seats and fully-foldable passenger seats. Also, the boot space offered behind the rear row seats is 240l., and if the rear and front passenger seat are folded, the loading length is the whole 2.31-meter. The practical central console includes gloves compartment and space and charging sockets for smartphones. The "Z.E." logo recalls the all-electric character of the vehicle even in the interior look. it appears on the front door sills for instance. As we already mentioned, Twingo Z.E. offers a wide range of customization options and trim level, one most attractive of them is the Zen level. It provides a choice of interior ambient lighting and a selection of several customization packages. In this way, different combinations between the colour of the dashboard strip, the air-vent contours and the steering-wheel spokes can be achieved. Besides, a 7-inch touch screen is available for this trim.

Renault Twingo Z.E. - side look, white
Credits: Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce


The electrified version of the compact city car comes with a very responsive electric motor that emphasizes car's dynamic character. The rear-mounted engine provides excellent turning radius - just 4,30 meters, and this makes Twingo Z.E. the most agile vehicle in the B segment so far. Its tiny proportions and compact dimensions make it easy to park and drive in the busy daily traffic of the city life. 

Drive modes

For even more joy and pleasure from the driving, the experts from Reanult provides three driving modes to full different driver's needs and demands. Each of them deploys differently the capacity of the battery and creates the feeling that it is not the same vehicle. 

Renault Twingo Z.E. - rear, black and white
Credits: Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce


Twingo's 60kW (82hp) engine provides a torque of 160 Nm. The acceleration from 0 to 50km/h is in approximately 4 seconds, while the top speed is 135km/h. The estimated range of the electric supermini is 250 km in WLTP city cycle. and 180 km in Full WLTP cycle. In "Eco" mode, the operating range is calculated to 215km. The new car of Renault is equipped with Cameleon charger system patented by the manufacturer. This technology allows adapting to the power available at each charging station. The result is the optimum charging time of just 30 minutes in case of using 22 kW station.

Modern technologies

Renault Twingo Z.E. - interior, technology
Credits: Renault Marketing 3D-Commerce

Based on the new ZOE, Twingo Z.E. borrows some of the latest technology achievements of its relative. In this way, the tiny car becomes even more joyful and practical for the city rides. Z.E.Voice is a safety system for pedestrian protection. It produces a sound scheme depending on the vehicle's speed, that warns the nearby people for the nearing car. Another smart decision is the available mobile instrument panel for the mobile device of the owner of the Twingo Z.E. Renault Easy Connect provides multimedia system onboard, 7-inch HD display compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As well available are Sat-nav system, Google search and Find-My car option. A special feature in the Z.E. model is the "EV Route Planner" that can simulate a route identifying the exact points where will be necessary to stop for charging on the way.

After hard work on the model and implementing the best technologies into a specialized electric platform Renault creates their new Twingo Z.E. The supermini of the next-generation, the compact city green car coming from the future to conquer the world markets. 

Author: Danny Stoyanova