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Puritalia Berlinetta – when tradition meets modern technology

28 March 2019

Lead by the distinctive Puritalia’s philosophy, the Italian company builds a car implementing both Italian classic car design and the most advanced automotive technologies. The new model is named Berlinetta – a traditional Italian term for a classic and luxurious sport car.

Puritalia Berlinetta left front profile


The oulines of the car brings the Italy’s Golden Age of car design in its character. A combination between pure classic lines and their translation into modern style language forms the stunning vehicle’s profile.

The long bonnet is housing the powerful 8-cylinder engine. The front cooling openings and the two side air intakes not only provide a sporty look to Berlinetta, but also enhance the supercar’s performance. Side design shows impressive elements that add some charm to Puritalia’s Berlinetta. At the top of the car each carbon fiber is visible and reflects in different nuances depending on customer’s demands. The elegantly rounded roof gently contrasts to the masculine and sport rear. Berlinetta’s tail design combines the pure lines of the Golden years of Italian car design with ultra modern technology.

Puritalia Berlinetta interior


The cockpit’s style is dictated by a central tunnel, that functions as the backbone of the car. It is actually connecting Berlinetta’s two hearts – the front thermal engine and the electric rear one. Puritalia’s new model implements technology of highest level, elegance and luxuriousness. At the center of the dashboard is mounted impressive 10 inch touch screen that controls all car functionalities, infotainment and navigation systems. A variety of small crafted elements all over the cabin makes Berlinetta looks masculine and exclusive.

Puritalia Berlinetta – when tradition meets modern technologyPuritalia Berlinetta – when tradition meets modern technologyPuritalia Berlinetta – when tradition meets modern technology


A front mounted V8 internal combustion engine and a rear axial-mounted electric motor forms Puritalia’s new vehicle plug-in hybrid system. The front engine with volume of 5.0l, produces power of 750hp and torque of 878Nm. That engine is supercharged by a 2,9l twin-screw compressor. A specially developed aluminum block protects the aggregate of Berlinetta. The rear one is an electric axial-mounted motor providing 370Nm torque and 215hp of peak power. Two 700V battery packs guarantee a total capacity of 5,2kW. Thanks to with Puritalia eMozione function, they are able to activate a continuous provision of maximal power and torque. Berlinetta is equipped with Puritalia Purhydrive system, that manages all the components of the powertrain.

The supercar has 7-speed AMT electro-hydraulic robotization with steering wheel control , that enhances a game-like driving experience.

Puritalia Berlinetta rear

Driving performance

Puritalia Berlinetta offers 3 cars in one – a hybrid, combustion and pure-electric. Based on driver’s driving style , a 4 drive modes are available:

Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Puritalia Orchestra exhaust system and progressive stiffening of propulsion are just some of Puritalia’s innovations that enhances the driving experience to a highest level.

Puritalia Berlinetta left back profile

The driver can manually control some of the main system’s parameters:

Combining the glorious Golden Years of Italian automobile design and the technology and performance of the futurecars, Puritalia Berlinetta presents the best of those two worlds.

Author: Danny Stoyanova