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Puritalia Berlinetta - The Italian "SuperHybrid"

28 March 2019

Berlinetta is not the first car by Puritalia. Back in 2014 Puritalia released its 427 roadster - inspired by the spirit of the Golden Years of Italian automobile design. After years of absence the brand is now returning to the scene. The new Italian supercar is now on the way to Geneva Motor Show for its world debut.

Berlinetta is coming with hybrid powertrain: pairing front V8 combustion engine and rear axle electric motor. The combined power it produces is 965 hp, and 1248 Nm torque. The supercar is with hybrid chassis too - mixture of carbon fibres and aluminium forms the unique vehicle body.

Patented technology Puritalia Purhydrive ensures smart management of the electric power via cloud based AI and auto-learning of driving style.

The car is equipped with a Puritalia Digital DNA. The system manages the entire car through interior touch-screen, vocal controls or via remote connection with smartphone.

Another system is Puritalia Orchestra - quad titanium exhaust system with smart electronic modulation andactive side pipes.

Only 150 units of this model will be produced. Every customer will be able to customize the Berlinetta according to its individual preferences.