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Modernity and class in Piech's EV - Mark Zero

28 March 2019

Toni Piech, the co-CEO of Piech Automotive, was inspired by his ancestors’ automotive past when he decided to wake up the spirit of Porsche-Piech Golden years through a new car. His colleague and co-CEO Rea Stark helped him to develop the idea into reality. Piech introduced Marc Zero at the 89th Geneva Motor Show. Supporting emotional driving experience and human-centered philosophy, the manufacturer creates a fully-electric vehicle with timeless design. Mark Zero combines classic luxury with modern technologies.

Piech Mark Zero  front profile


Large round headlights play the role of eyes of the new car. They may resemble the big lamps of vintage cars, but in reality their sole purpose is to ensure the excellent illumination on the racetrack even at high speed. The harmonious round front grille is inspired by the look of sportcars from the sixties. The prolonged bonnet is emphasizing the sporty look of Piech’s flagship. Mark Zero's elegant fastback roof line smoothly leads back to the rear of the car. There is an unprecedented similarity between the front and the rear of the car, most visible on the oval-shaped elements. In contrast to the headlights, the rear ones are slimmed down and rounded at the edges.

Piech Mark Zero profile

Specifications Piech Mark Zero


Modernity and class  in Piech's EV - Mark ZeroModernity and class  in Piech's EV - Mark ZeroModernity and class  in Piech's EV - Mark ZeroModernity and class  in Piech's EV - Mark ZeroModernity and class  in Piech's EV - Mark ZeroModernity and class  in Piech's EV - Mark Zero

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Piech Mark Zero front


Although Piech Mark Zero brings out the retro sportscar’s spirit , its powertrain technology is revolutionary and ultra-modern. The one-of-a-kind battery is a smart decision in automotive electrification. It not only allows a fast charge (4min. 40 sec for 80% recharge), but also provides vehicle’s longer driving range (up to 500km). Thanks to the placement of the batteries (one in the center tunnel, the rest at the rear axle), weight distribution and handling are expected to be similar to the numbers of a conventional sports car with a combustion engine.

Mark Zero is meant to offer its driver the ultimate driving experience with top speed of 250km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100kmph in 3.2 sec.

piech Mark Zero rear

Due to its simple and elegant design, resembling classic sport car, the cool EV will still look trendy many years from now. The only car’s disadvantage is that the rapid recharge will be available only through special charging structures, but conventional ones and all plugs are also compatible. Mark Zero is the newest, but not last project of Piech. The manufacturer promises to introduce very soon it's latest four-seated SUV-EV.

Author: Danny Stoyanova