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It’s official! Car of the year 2020 in Europe is Peugeot 208

02 March 2020

Each year, right before the beginning of the prestigious Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), automotive media from across the old continent gather and vote for their favorite vehicle. This time, due to the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic, the 90th edition of GIMS was canceled.

Thankfully, the Car of the year 2020 competition did not. From the vast number of participants just sever vehicles made it to the final TOP 7. Among them were modern supercars like Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model 3.


Peugeot won Car of the year 2020

But it was Peugeot 208 that managed to seize the crown and become Europe’s Car of the year for 2020. Stepping on the innovative CMP modular platform, Peugeot 208 combines dynamic outlines, enhanced aerodynamic capabilities, and incredible practicality. Its prominent front grille, unique LED head and tail lights, massive front bumper and air vents, as well as the elegant front spoiler, are those key elements that elevate the vehicle's dominance on the road. It is also what builds up its unprecedented sports posture.

And while the front exudes masculinity and even aggression, it is the rear that keeps the urban balance right by adding a touch of calmness. Thanks to its unusual styling it is what makes the car recognizable on the road.

The compact coupe offers space and comfort, while the various options for customization of the interior make sure that even the most pretentious customers will find what they are looking for. A list of innovative smart technologies and assistants turn the 208 into a preferred choice for a huge number of modern families. Its agility, relatively easy maintenance, and impeccable road performance are what captivated the jury.


Renault Clio at Car of the year 2020

Another French vehicle was close to the win. That’s Renault Clio. The fifth generation of one of the most preferred and best selling models of the famous car manufacturer stood out among the competition due to its beautifully styled silhouette and several technologies implemented in the cabin and under the front bonnet. Sleek, sporty and comfortable, Renault Clio is yet to make headlines across Europe.


Ford Puma at Car of the year 2020 awards

A little after its official release in 2019, Ford Puma easily made it to TOP 7 of Car of the year 2020 finalist. The mild hybrid represents the company’s vision of the future of the automotive industry – a harmonized combination between space, sporty outlook, revolutionary hybrid technology, and compactness.


Toyota Corolla at Car of the year 2020
© Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Toyota has always been one of these brands that make it almost in every possible car competition across the globe. Comfortable, beautiful, reliable and agile, the company’s best selling model, Corolla, became one of the leading names in this year’s Car of the year competition. It's the Japanese precision and attention to details that turn the Corolla into a best-selling car across all continents.


BMW 1 Series at Car of the year 2020

It’s the unmistakable German precision, that put BMW’s 1 Series among the best in Europe. A stunning city automobile, combining aerodynamic lines with a racer’s spirit, 1 Series is like a breath of fresh air for those who seek the comfort of the SUV and the practicality of the city car.


Tesla Model 3 at Car of the year 2020

Porsche’s flagman Taycan and Tesla’s famous Model 3 were also included in the competition. And while it may seem a bit ridiculous to see them fighting against city car, both vehicles are winners in their charts. Luxurious, with class-leading technology under their skin and stunning exterior, Taycan and Model 3 is also among the favorites of a large number of Europeans.

Porsche Taycan at Car of the year 2020