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I.D. Buzz - when the future meets the past at Brussels Motor Show

09 January 2020

When the original VW Microbus, and the legendary model Bulli, came out, they were the first people carriers by the German carmaker. Beautiful, spacious and airy the new I.D. Buzz is believed to be the next bestseller for VW.

Since 1949 Volkswagen Bulli became the symbol of a generation that stood for "freedom on wheels". The Woodstock flower children and the West Coast surfers lost their hearts to the Bulli – a love affair that continues to the present day. I.D. BUZZ - one of the latest concepts of Volkswagen will be shown at this year’s Brussels Motor Show starting today.

VW I.D. BUZZ Concept motorshow picture
© Volkswagen 2020

The I.D. BUZZ is a next-generation Volkswagen van. It passes the sense of freedom that the iconic VW Bulli brings to the next mobility age. In technical terms, the study is based on the All-New Electrical Architecture, with a power output of 275 kW. The range is as high as 600 km (NEDC). The four-wheel driven I.D. BUZZ can either be charged inductively or through a charging station.

A notable exterior change is the missing side mirrors. They are replaced by rearview cameras in both sides. Being in the same time retro remake and bringing the electric heart of the future, the new I.D. BUZZ is expected to be the next bestseller for Volkswagen. Another innovative solution is the sensors that replace the door handles of the bus. The charging port is cleverly hidden under one of the backlights of the vehicle. The big-sized boot door allows to easily place all your stuff and luggage to the spacious compartment.

VW I.D.BUZZ Concept backview at the beach
© Volkswagen 2020

The interior surprises with its clear lines and minimalistic design. A highlight in the cabin is the oblong steering wheel with integrated control buttons on it. It looks futuristic. The dashboard is absolutely free of stuff and completely smooth. Instead of the traditional central touchscreen, lower on the central console is mounted a big iPad. Underneath the floor is flat and wood veneer covered. The centre console folds out and hides a neat parcel tray including USB connectivity too. Under the modernized nose of the I.D. BUZZ are hidden big part of important stuff for the vehicle – here are the electric motor and the air conditioner radiator. The interior is very flexible, as it can offer 5,6 or 7 seats, which can be organized in various ways, depending on passengers demands. The van can be not only used as a people carrier, but it can also be modified to a commercial vehicle or a luxury camper in case of need. When the owner decides to go camping, the I.D. BUZZ can include all the necessary sleeping facilities, as well as the all kitchen and cooking appliances. The long wheelbase, the design of the exterior and a part of the interior are strongly connected with the iconic Bulli model. The idea of the designers was not only to revive the legendary times for VW particularly but to bring back the times when people have enjoyed just travelling around with their friends, to bring back peoples’ memories of good old times. Very interesting details are the 2 glass roofs of the I.D. BUZZ, which allows passengers to relax looking outside during the long trips and makes the cabin feel even more spacious and comfortable.

VW I.D.BUZZ Concept interior
© Volkswagen 2020

This concept has the same platform as the one used in new e-Golf. The two models also share their front and rear axles, battery and 4WD system. The flat battery pack hidden under the floor allows keeping the traditional interior of the iconic VW Bulli from 1960-s. Well-known as hippie van, the old vehicle is still loved in America. Its modern remake brings back the memories for a better world with its eco-friendly zero-emission electrical propulsion. The aim of the manufacturer is I.D. BUZZ to resemble the old iconic model, offering the most modern technologies for its owner.

When this model comes to production it should have a range of up to 600 km, acceleration from 0 to 96kmph for just 5 seconds and up to 374 horsepower maximal output. The I.D. BUZZ concept will also offer a semi-autonomous driving as an option. As a part of the ID family, the model is designed for everyday use, that’s the reason, why it will have so flexible interior. It also will offer an option for fast charging – VW plans to ensure charging to 80% for just about 30 minutes. The four-wheel-drive capability will make it perfect solutions for long countryside trips also.

VW I.D.BUZZ Concept with I.D. racecar at the beach
© Volkswagen 2020

Hopefully, VW will start selling I.D. BUZZ in 2022 in all three versions – as a commercial van, as a people carrier and as a camper. It will symbolize the freedom you can go anywhere, you can modify it how you like and that's why I think this car will always be much more than just a car. It will be always an emotional part of the life of its owner.

Author: Danny Stoyanova