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Honda Tomo - first glimpse at the new electric concept

28 March 2019

Honda reveals the interior of its new concept Tomo days before its debut on Geneva International Motor Show 2019. The wide dashboard combines a simple and stylish design with focus on hi-technology.

Honda Tomo EV Concept - dashboardCredits:HONDA MOTOR EUROPE LIMITED

The Honda Tomo interior offers friendly and cosy atmosphere, which corresponds to the previously exhibited concept -Honda Urban EV.

Honda Urban EV Concept/ Honda Urban EV Concept 2017 /

The numerous easy-access applications and the simple design ensures drivers's comfort and full control over the car.

The IED designers introduce Honda Tomo as 2-door coupe, which resembles a pick-up truck with its open rear. The compact machine is with dimensions:

The fully-electric Tomo is designed to serve as a smart mobile device. The production will probably start sometime in 2025.

Honda Tomo EV Concept - frontCredits:HONDA MOTOR EUROPE LIMITED

More details about the concept specs will be announced at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019.

Author: Danny Stoyanova