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Geely ICON - the first Anti-Coronavirus vehicle?

11 March 2020

The fear of the virus COVID-19 is getting greater and greater within hours! That's why the Chinese carmaker Geely, owner of the famous brands of Volvo and Lotus in Europe, announced, that they have equipped their latest model SUV - ICON with the air-filtrating system, which restricts any fine particles, hazardous microorganisms, bacteria or viruses to enter the car interior atmosphere. Is that mean that this will be the first car to protect the passengers from Coronavirus? It is still not proven, but the company states, that most likely, their vehicle has this ability.

China was the first country hit by COVID-19 infection, so it is expected to have a great interest in ICON model in the Chinese car market. Only three weeks after the announcement that the famous manufacturer intended to invest more than $53 millions in a project, than is going to protect the people from the harmful infection, the innovative vehicle is a fact. As a response to the epidemiological situation in the country, Geely Auto designed an Intelligent Air Purification System (IAPS), which is also certified in conformity with the standard N95. The carmaker states that the filtration system is working simultaneously with the air-conditioner of the vehicle, to isolate any fine particles, hazardous microorganisms, bacteria or viruses.

Geely Icon - Anti-Coronavirus car
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In its exterior design, the SUV doesn't offer anything extraordinary or amazing, as it keeps its minimalistic avant-garde style from its concept, presented at the Bejing Auto Show 2018. The lights' design scheme is both simple and unique, underlining the unique style of the vehicle and providing excellent road visibility. The model ICON is also the first mild-hybrid car for the company, offering fuel consumption of just 5,7l per 100km. The modern hybrid system is paired to the Geely's popular 1,5Т engine providing 130kWh power and 255Nm torque, while the 48-volt system adds more 10kWh and 45Nm, to form the total system output of 140kWh and 300Nm torque of the innovative SUV. The transmission of the modern vehicle is a seven-speed dual-clutch, and the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is in 7.9sec.

What amazes in Geely ICON, is its technology pack. The innovative air purification system is just one of the smart solutions in the ultra-modern SUV. The car is equipped with 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 HD cameras, intelligent cruise control system, ICC intelligent cruise control, LKA lane-keep assistance, AEB-P automatic emergency braking and pedestrian recognition, APA one-button automatic parking, etc. In terms of safety, the model ICON upgrades Geely's 360-degree Safety system to an upper level. Now apart from the 360-degree panoramic image of the vehicle on the interior screen, the driver is also presented with a 180° view from both front and rear side of the car, effectively eliminating all blind spots.

Presenting their all-new SUV model as a "Corona virus-proof vehicle", Geely raises the level for their line-up from now on. Despite the fact, that there are still no proofs on that, the interest for the model is really big. For now, the ICON is offered only on the Chinese market, as it is released for a record short time, and the manufacturer promises that it purifies at least 95% of fine particles with dimensions of 0.3 microns ans less. The latest information about the Coronavirus states that its dimensions varies from 0,05 to 0,2 microns, so it is not quite sure if the vehicle's air-filtration system will be able to protect from the COVID-19 infection. Despite that fact, the Chinese carmaker has already received more than 30 000 pre-orders for its innovative SUV, already being popular as an "anti-Coronavirus vehicle". No matter if it will really protects or not from COVID-19, the Geely ICON, is going to offer to its customers a healthier and cleaner atmosphere in the cabin, which will be a big step forward for the automotive industry worldwide.