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Fisker Ocean: European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUV

10 March 2020

Most sustainable constructed vehicle worldwide was about to make its debut at the European scene during this year's GIMS, which unfortunately was postponed . The vehicle has already grabbed 9 prestigious awards by popular media like the TIME Magazine, the Newsweek and the Business Insider. Via Fisker's mobile app, thousands of reservations for the unique SUV are already made. Requests are coming not only from the home country of the company - the USA but also from Europe and Asia. The first on-road test of the car will be made during the next few weeks. It is expected to be proven the vehicle's high-quality, durability, safety and excellent performance. Also, the luxurious SUV is designed to provide amazing figures for the lovers of high-speed adventurous driving. the projected acceleration of the Ocean model from 0 to 96km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

Fisker Ocean - front fascia in the dark
© 2020 Fisker, Inc.

Fisker Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of some of the most advanced and modern vehicles worldwide. Built and constructed using eco-friendly materials, processes and methods. At the same time, the carmaker implements the latest technology achievements and solutions. All these hard work and efforts result in one amazing ultra-modern vehicle. At the 90th edition of Geneve International Motor Show the latest model of the company - Fisker Ocean, will step into the European scene. The serial production of the model is planned to start in the fourth quarter of 2021, as already are made thousands of reservations from all over the world. The manufacturer plans to deliver and sell more than 1 million units of the unique car in the USA, Europe and China markets for the period 2022-2027.

As per the word of Henrik Fisker (chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc.), the mission of the company is to create vehicles, in an eco-friendly way aiming a sustainable future for nature. It is no coincidence that the American carmaker is the first all-digital company worldwide. The innovative methods in the management and the sustainable creation of the vehicle are a guarantee for an affordable product, proving to the customers' emotional touch, joy, comfort and hassle-free experience during driving. Fisker Ocean is part of the luxury SUV segment and at the same time is a fully-electric vehicle too.

Spaciousness, Entertainment, Joy

Fisker Ocean - rear side look, dark background
© 2020 Fisker, Inc.

The model Ocean is characterized by its feeling of freedom, joy and luxury. Also, the offroad and performance capabilities make the vehicle an excellent choice for any driver.
Everything starts with the exterior of the luxurious SUV. Its dramatic dimension hints about the capabilities of the interior. With a length of 4640mm., a width of 1930mm. a heigh of 1615mm, the electric vehicle offers quite a spacious cabin with enough space for both the front and rear seats' passengers. The sustainable design of the interior promises a comfortable ride for up to 5 adults in a luxurious car. Fisker Ocean offers practical luggage space too. The boot has a parcel shelf hiding a spacious 566l compartment. If the shelf is removed space reaches 708l, while if the rear seats are folded it widens to 1274l. The model will be offered with railings on the roof and towing bar, as their specifications and capabilities are still a secret. The exterior look of the vehicle is underlined by the stylish 20-inches wheels, as they can be optionally replaced by 22-inches or more on customer's demand. In this way, the electric vehicle will look like a real off-roader.

Fisker Ocean - front side look, in the dark
© 2020 Fisker, Inc.

Fisker Ocean will be offered with four-wheel drive in all of its trim levels except the base one. This feature will significantly improve the vehicle's capability in off-road driving conditions. The standard 4WD configuration will provide a power output of more than 225kW (exceeding 300hp), and amazing acceleration from 0 to 96km/h in less than 3 seconds. The exact performance figures and detailed specifications of the Fisker Ocean will be announced in 2021г. The charging of the innovative model is easier due to the combined charging port, which is compatible with all types of charging stations and is in compliance with all international standards and regulations. The battery of Fisker Ocean will have a capacity of over 80kWh and will be able to ensure a range exceeding 480km.
In the interior of the ultra-modern automobile will be implemented the latest technology achievements. In the windshield will be installed holographic head-up display, while the traditional instrumental cluster will be replaced by an 8.9-inch screen. The infotainment system will be equipped with a vertical huge 16-inch central display will hard haptic button on its bent end.

Fisker Ocean - front profile, on the scene
© 2020 Fisker, Inc.

But actually, what makes Fisker Ocean the most sustainable car worldwide?

The whole process of projecting, creation and construction of the ultra-modern luxurious SUV is led in an eco-friendly way with a thought for the sustainable future of nature. The sustainable materials and technologies turn the vehicle into a real ecological way of transportation. Let us explain some of them:

Full-length solar sunroof

This innovative solution provides an additional source of electrical energy from a fully ecological source, which means approximately 1600km more per year. Improvement of technologies and new approaches will soon allow Fisker to implement additional hardware, which will optimize energy usage, and so will increase the vehicle's range.

The upholstery of recycled materials

The whole interior upholstery is made of a special type of textile produced as a product of recycling fisherman net, and other ocean waste like nylon and plastic.

Vegan interior

All interior surfaces are produced of 100% polycarbonate, while the textile backing is made of reinforced rayon. The used eco-suede is produced by recycling different types of waste materials. This raises significantly the eco level of the luxurious vehicle. Besides, the used polyester fibres are a product of recycled old T-shirts and other textiles instead of the normally used petrol-made polyester fibres.

Fisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUVFisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUVFisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUVFisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUVFisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUVFisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUVFisker Ocean:  European debut of the sustainable luxury е-SUV

Putting the ecological balance and the sustainable future of nature and natural sources in the central position of their philosophy, the team of Fisker succeed to create a real ecological way of transportation, offering at the same time amazing capabilities, unbelievable luxuriousness and high-tech solutions. The model Ocean implements the modernistic vision for the future of automotive industry development in a way to save the nature of our planet.