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Engler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come true

24 April 2019

Once upon a time there was a boy that dreamt of building his own unique vehicle. The time passed by and the boy became an engineer, and it was time for the dream to come true. That's how F.F Super Quad was born.

Engler F.F SuperQuad front view

When thinking of a supercar, everyone imagine an extraordinary vehicle with a luxurious cabin and excellent performance. What if the customer already has some of these in his garage, now he wants something exceptional, outstanding and really one-of-a-kind. That is what F.F Super Quad can offers - a super vehicle of a new genre.

What exactly is F.F Super Quad?

Everyone has heard about supercars, but Victor Engler wanted to give the automotive industry something more. He wanted to create something remarkable and unique. That's why he decided to built a vehicle combining all the characteristics of a hypercar with an outstanding motor-like driving position. Due to the unique design, a new genre of vehicle was born - the F.F Super Quad.

Engler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come trueEngler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come trueEngler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come trueEngler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come trueEngler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come trueEngler F.F Super Quad - when dreams come true

Not only the vehicle's appearance is out of this world. The extraordinary machine is constructed of ultra-strong and high-quality materials like magnesium, carbon and carbon fibres. Handlebar, pedals, paddle shifter and all visible controls are made of titanium. The same material is used for the entire exhaust system. Another remarkable details are the different wheels, front wider and different rotation than rear ones, and titanium crews with Engler's logo. Every unit of Engler F.F Super Squad offers the highest level of customization. During the whole manufacturing process, the team keeps close communication to the customers in order to fulfill all their requirements. From body color to the smallest detail - everything is made to match the driver's personality and demands.

Engler F.F SuperQuad close front view

Although Engler F.F Super Quad will do the same job as supercars do, it's also designed to be used as an urban vehicle for daily commute. To explore and enjoy Engler F.F Super Quad's abilities, the driver will have to try it on a race track.

The engine is a naturally aspirated 5,2l V10 super-charged twin-turbo, a motor that fits perfectly to any supercar. The power to weight ratio of 1:1 is impressive. Engler succeeds to fulfill any hypercar manufacturer's dream - ultralight (850kg) and extremely powerful (850hp) vehicle with amazing top speed of 350kmph. These parameters allow F.F Super Quad's driver to feel like an F1 pilot.

Combining Italian design and German technologies, Victor Engler creates not just an ordinary car, but a one-of-a-kind machine, that doesn't fall into any vehicle category. He brought his dream to live.

- Engler F.F Super Quad technical specifications

Author: Danny Stoyanova