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Citroen Ami - the city bug from the future

02 March 2020

Electric  Citroen Ami
© Citroën Communication / DR

Almost a year after the debut of the futuristic-looking Ami concept, Citroen reveals its production-ready version. Ami’s shape is a result of the carmaker’s vision about the way the future cars should look like and behave on the road. That’s why it's no wonder why the micro two-seater has a cube-like design and dynamic outlines.

With a length of 2,400 mm, a width of 1,390 mm, a height of 1,520 mm and a weight of just 485 kg, the cute Ami has all the important characteristics to become one of the most preferred urban vehicles of the future.

In fact, because of its dimensions, Ami is even smaller than its Smart EQ ForTwo competitor. A unique feature of the micro Citroen is its unusual and dynamic shape, that resembles a cube. Due to its wide glass panels, the car can brag about the vast amount of natural light that penetrates the cabin as well as the great visibility towards the surrounding environment.

In an attempt to unite past and future, Citroen has ditched the traditional windows in favor of their manually operated version – borrowed from the iconic 2CV model.

Citroen Ami - side view
© Citroën Communication / DR

The unusual silhouette of Ami is enhanced by the futuristically shaped head and tail lights – divided into two separate parts. Also, each of Ami’s doors opens in the opposite direction. Apart from the base trim level, Citroen offers customization via two additional ones – Pop and Vibe.

The former adds the sense of sportiness to the cute city bug via the roof-positioned delicate spoiler. The latter, Vibe, on the other hand, gives Ami a more stylish and artistic look. Despite its small proportions and just two seats, Citroen Ami’s cabin is quite spacious. Comfortable and ergonomic seats, clean and sleek interior lines and neat upholstery form the cozy cabin.

Although the car lacks a typical for the modern vehicle’s amenity – infotainment system – an option for smartphone or/and Bluetooth connection is added.

Citroen Ami with a unique door opening design
© Citroën Communication / DR

Being an all-electric automobile, Ami combines an electric motor (8 hp) with a lithium-ion battery pack (5.5 kWh). The maximum speed the car can reach is 45 km/h, while the autonomous range is 70 km.

When depleted, the battery can be fully charger in just 3 hours. My Citroen mobile application, Ami’s owner can monitor the battery’s condition, range, time until full recharge, receive alerts for possible issues and also locate the nearest charging stations.

Interior of the electric Citroen Ami
© Citroën Communication / DR