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BMW to ax its current engine line in half

16 March 2020

BMW's engne line will be cut in half
Credits: Hatsukari715 / Public domain

It’s no secret that for the past decade the German carmaker has experienced a lot of financial turmoil – starting with the emission scandals that shook the automotive industry and ending with the poor sale numbers. Now, with the viral COVID-19 pandemic that has captivated the entire world, BMW is facing the risk of yet another bad year for the car market.

That’s why the news for the company’s plans to cut off some of its current engines comes as no surprise. Even though there’s no current list of all the engines that will be suspended from production, BMW’s officials have stated that the V12 and the 3.0 l diesel (400 Hp) engines that will for sure no longer be present.

As for the rest of the production line aggregates, the German manufacturer plans to add them to their plans for the ongoing hybridization. The latter means that till 2023 BMW is about to launch 6 hybrid and 11 electric brand new automobiles.


Author: D. Ilieva