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Ami One concept – Citroen's vision of mobility, electricity, freedom

24 April 2019

Inspired by its old post-war model 2CV (launched in 1948),  Citroen now aims to mobilize the urban citizens in a new way – environmental friendly, modern and comfortable. While the 2CV have helped to low-income class to be mobile and up-to-date, now the idea of the fully-electric Ami One is not to be  a premium product, but an alternative way of transportation in urban environment. It is designed to replace the conventional public transport and to offer freedom of mobility.

Citroen Ami One recharging outlook
© Citroën Communication / DR

The Exterior

At first glance we might mistaken the futuristic cube Ami One with a toy-car, due to its shape and tiny proportions. Its color combination is fresh and stylish featuring the classic Anthracite grey and shiny black, combined with fresh Orange Mecanique  and Out of the Blue.

Ami One Concept dimensions:

The price-conscious model is with interesting symmetrical design. Most of its parts are identical, but mounted in a different positions. True to their innovative idea,  Citroen Ami One concept features doors that open in different directions. Notable option is the canvas top, that could be easily moved.

Citroen Ami One interior seats
© Citroën Communication / DR

Inside the cube

The interior of Ami One is as modern as its exterior. The cabin is bright, colorful and fresh. It is really spacious due to its fixed passenger’s seat and gently sliding driver’s one. The same Orange Mecanique  and Out of the Blue combination (applied to the exterior) are used for the upholstery. A touch of light grey add some contrast the colorful cabin. Citroen creates an original storage spaces in the cabin:

Citroen Ami One concept offers an impressive technology solution. In fact, the vehicle doesn’t use  any conventional EV’s software system. Instead there’s a specific smartphone app, that manages all car’s functionalities. On the steering wheel is placed wireless induction charging area for the phone, so after once placed there the communication with the EV starts. Another smart and innovative detail are the QR code opening doors.The on-board apps settings can be managed at any time via driver’s smartphone. The access to all features of the EV is ensured by both voice control and buttons on the steering wheel. The option to connect drivers’ smartphone with Free2Move Services makes city journeys easier.

Citroen Ami One interior board
© Citroën Communication / DR


The Ami One derives energy from a discreetly placed under-the-floor battery. The fully electric motor is mounted to the rear wheels. The small EV range is up to 160 km in a single charge. The fully recharge takes about 2 hours. The maximum speed is in a compliance with car’s intention to the non-licensed drivers’ - only 45kmph. But this fully-electric powertrain has its advantages:

Citroen Ami One headlight
© Citroën Communication / DR

The expected production of the concept is planned to start sometime between 2020 and 2025.

- Citroen Ami specifications

 Author: Danny Stoyanova