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Aiways U5 - the first Chinese all-electric SUV hits European markets

09 March 2020

The number of Chinese car companies, entering the highly-competitive European car market, is constantly growing. From conventional cars, through hybrids and up to electric-driven machines, one thing is sure - Europe is yet to see the craftsmanship of the manufacturers from Asia. An example of that is Aiways. Although the company's plans to officially introduce itself during a major event like the Geneva International Motor Show have failed, the European market is yet to get a glimpse of the stylish U5 SUV.


The flagship model of Aiways amazes with aerodynamic shape provided by the front-inclined A-pillar and smooth arc-shaped roofline. The modern design ensures more room and comfort for the occupants of the electric SUV. The big black-glass sunroof makes the interior look lighter and more spacious. Model U5 has a unique masculine look, thanks to the sharp edgy lines going through the overall length of the car's body. Notable accents are the smartly hidden door handles and the dual airflow spoiler at the rear. Both front and rear lamps are equipped with modern LED lighting technology. The L-shaped headlights provide the vehicle with a beautiful and stylish front fascia. At the rear, the full-width tail lamps grab the eye from the first sight.


Aiways U5 2020 - interior
© AIWAYS 2020

The roomy interior of Aiways U5 amazes with its human-focused philosophy. The implemented AI (artificial intelligence) technology turns the vehicle into a mobile intelligent home for both the driver and passengers. The cabin looks fresh and roomy due to the used light upholstery. The front seats are of embrace type and offer support and soft feeling. At the rear bench, there is wide space for up to three occupants. The clean and smooth design of the central console houses additional instrument panel and enough storage places. The driving mode selector is also placed in the central panel. It allows three different modes for a more enjoyable ride.
Technology in the cabin is at the highest level. The central floating high-resolution display has a wide full-LCD screen offering easy control and excellent functionality. The U5's instrument panel consists of three LCDs ensuring the 180-degree vision of the main car features and performance numbers.

The AI of Aiways U5

The futuristic SUV is equipped with an excellent 360-degrees omnidirectional awareness system. It includes 22 sensors and cameras - 12 ultrasonic radars, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 5HD cameras, and 2 in-car cameras. In this way, the driver has full awareness of what exactly is happening in the car and everywhere around it at any time. The intelligent driving system is called AI Pilot and ensures secure travel and excellent experience.

Aiways U5 2020 - rear close look, blue
© AIWAYS 2020

Additionally are implemented active and passive safety technologies. While building the full safety pack, four scenarios are taken into consideration:

During travel

While traveling, the safety system detects hazardous behavior and displays signals and warnings to avoid dangerous situations.

Precaution & Emergency

Those two scenarios include preventive systems, which are automatically activated to prevent a collision. The emergency braking, for example, can protect pedestrians, cyclist or passing animals. The FCW(Forward Collision Warning) system monitors the speed of U5 and the speed of the vehicle in front and warns the driver in case of shortening the distance too much.


The strong cage-shaped bi-metal body of Aiways U5 is designed in compliance with the 5-star European vehicle body standard. The specially developed high-torsional-rigidity of the car's body ensures the safety of the occupants even in case of collision.


Aiways U5 2020 - side view, at the shore
© AIWAYS 2020

The modern Aiways' SUV is a fully-electric vehicle. Its power comes from a "Sandwich" battery pack. It represents a layered construction consisted of the battery module and cooling plates, which eliminates the risk of coolant leakages even in case of collision. The innovative solution rises significantly the safety of the battery pack and the overall vehicle safety as well. Battery charging is also enhanced, and it is now possible to run on electricity easily even in extremely cold weather conditions. The modern Battery management system and liquid-cooling ensure steady power output in temperatures varying from -30 C to +50 C. The battery pack of Aiways U5 has a high energy density estimated to 181 Wh/kg. It also has a fast-charge option, which takes 27 minutes to recharge from 30% to 80%. The vehicle has passed the NEDC cycle test, which calculated a range of 503km for the first Chinese electric SUV on the European market.

Connectivity Pack

Created in the new digital era in the automotive industry, Airways U5 keeps its human-centered philosophy via the AI Connectivity pack. All functionalities of the car systems for entertainment, navigation, and control over the vehicle are designed to simplify the access and operation. Implementing learning function into intelligent navigation, and providing a remote AI-key system are just some of the features of the available phone APP of Aiways U5. the application allows almost full control over the systems in the vehicle at any time.