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AI:Me - Audi's smart future

18 April 2019

Audi AI:ME concept 2019
© Audi AG

For the past few years, the German car maker Audi became famous for its futuristic-looking electric concepts which will one day roam the busy city streets.

Audi AI:ME concept 2019 e-tron rear
© Audi AG

Cute and compact, AI:ME steps on the specially designed for electric vehicles MEB platform. With a length of 4300 mm, a width of 1900 mm, the height of 1520 and a wheelbase of 2770 mm, Audi AI:ME promises driver and passengers the ultimate joy and comfort during any type of road adventures.The futuristic exterior is combined with innovative technologies - a 3D dashboard and a retractable steering wheel (the retraction is activated during autonomy driving mode).

Audi AI:ME concept 2019 interior details
© Audi AG

AI:ME's electric motor can be found mounted on the rear axle. A power of 170 hp, a top speed of between 20 and 70 km/h, an autonomous range of 400 to 600 km with a single battery charge are part of AI:Me's options, on one hand. Autonomy Level 4, on the other hand,  turn the vehicle into a living example of what the future would be in a couple of decades.

Audi smart concept AI:ME 2019
© Audi AG

What's more, Audi has equipped the compact EV concept with a cluster of high-tech modern laser and ultrasound systems,  radars and cams, which help the vehicle to orientate easily in any kind of surroundings.Audi's officials expressed their intentions, soon after its production and official release, AI:ME to become a "shareable" vehicle, able to be called out via smartphone.

Audi's revolutionary AI:Me concept debuted in the first days of Shanghai Auto Show 2019.

Author: Di Ilieva